Friday, March 28, 2014

"Frazzled Like A... Frazzeld Thing"

Yesterday, Rachel wanted me to read "Happy Hippo, Angry Duck" by Sandra Boynton to her. It is a book about moods and the entire book is asking how you're feeling. I got to the page about, "Or you're frazzled like Frazzled Thing (I'm not sure what it is)" and I thought, "ME! I'm a Frazzled Thing! Right now I am the epitome of a Frazzled Thing." 
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There is a lot going on right now and I'm just going to write it all out on the blog and then maybe I can stop thinking about it and do something about it.
Dave's arm is doing quite well. It has stopped hurting and he is getting a new cast/splint on Monday. The stitches will come out on Tuesday. He might even walk to work today instead of me driving him back and forth like I've been doing all week. Maybe. On Wednesday he stayed home but other than that he's gone to work everyday. I still need to tie his shoes, and help him shower-bath, but other than that he is getting pretty self-sufficient.

Our church has brought us meals every night since Dave got hurt. I haven't cooked in over a week unless you count heating up food or making tuna melts as cooking. I'm so grateful. Unfortunately, we haven't magically acquired a dishwasher in the past week so I'm still washing dishes every day. Although it is a lot easier to do dishes when I'm not scrubbing out pots and pans.

On Wednesday night Dave was able to rock Rachel and put her into bed, one handed. That was a huge step. He hasn't perfected the one-handed diaper change though. Nor the one-handed tying up of the diaper garbage.
Sam on his second day of life

Sam is turning five on Sunday. I can't believe it. I go back and forth between enjoying my almost-five-year-old and wondering what happened to my baby? We're having a party with friends and I'm excited about it, but there's a lot to do between now and Sunday.
Oma and Opa with Sam on his birthday
Sam is about twelve hours old! 

Thankfully my parents are arriving on Saturday! They are coming for Sam's birthday and to watch our kids while we're in New Zealand. I've already warned them that the house is a disaster (I can't remember the last time I cleaned, it's that scary), and that Sam and Rachel have plans which include "Oma will bake buns, Rachel will wear underwear (because I absolutely could not handle further toilet training this week), and Opa will tell the story of Rumpelstiltskin."

And then there's this little trip we're taking. People keep asking if I've packed. Ha! Between Dave's injury, Sam's birthday, and my parents coming, I haven't even thought about packing except in passing, "Oh yeah, I should probably find time to do that at some point." People also ask if we're excited. I know I will be excited, but right now, honestly, it's just another thing on the List Of Things To Do. And that makes me so sad.

In the midst of all this though there is hope. Tonight I'm going to see Divergent (!!!) with Janice and Tessa!!! Tim and Willem kindly offered to come hang out with Dave and the kids while I get a Girls' Night Out! And my parents are coming. There will be two extra able-bodied adults. One thing I've learned this week is never underestimate the power of a two-handed adult! (Also, never underestimate the power of cooking a meal for someone who is having a hard time. I cannot say enough how incredibly thankful I have been for all the food people have brought. I get teary-eyed every time I think about it.) And starting in just six short days, I will BE ON VACATION!!!

I know this is probably the most incoherent blog post ever. I also know that on Wednesday evening I will get on the plane and all of this will be unimportant. But right now, if you want an accurate picture of what a Frazzled Thing looks like, just check me out. I am a prime example.


  1. Ugh, sorry you're so frazzled!!! But it sounds like you have good reasons to be that way. I hate that Impending Vacation Excitement is getting back burnered...but as long as Dave focuses on healing enough to be able to enjoy the vacation, that's what counts. So glad you have help on the way!!

  2. Yes--frazzled!!! Sigh--right there with you and hoping things calm down for both of us soon.

  3. I promise as soon as you step on the plane you'll feel less frazzled! I remember feeling the same way when I went to NZ. My last exam was on Dec 22nd. The 23rd I had to move from London to Waterloo (including all my furniture, etc.). Xmas festivities from the 24-26. I left on the 31st and on the 28th my ears became clogged and I frantically had to seek medical help to try and clear that all up before flying. And then packing and getting organized.

    But you will get on the plane and breathe a sigh of relief!

    I'm very much looking forward to reading about your adventures!!

    And I'm also very glad that you guys have such great support right now. What a wonderful community :)

    1. Leaving on a big vacation is always crazy-making! And yes, I did feel a huge sigh of relief when we were finally on the plane. Yay!

      And I was so thankful for our wonderful community during Dave's injury.


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