Thursday, March 06, 2014

Teeth Are Expensive

Rachel had her first trip to the dentist yesterday. She did really well although she refused to let the dental hygienist use the electric toothbrush to brush her teeth. The dentist warned us that Rachel may have a slight overbite which may require braces in the future. Oh joy.

And lest you are fooled by the picture, Rachel would not sit by herself while her teeth were examined. I had to lie on the chair with her although I did not get cool shades to wear upside down!
Sam was an old pro and sat by himself. He didn't even need me to hold his hand, much. He got some cleaning done and was very cooperative. For the past while he has not wanted us to brush his "middle molar because it has a cavity." Well the dentist checked him out, and what do you know, Sam was right. He has a couple of cavities which the dentist is going to fix in the next few months.

Considering that Dave has yet to have his annual appointment, and my appointment ended up with me needing to get two cavities filled too, I think a lot of our extra money is going to go to the dentist. I know I'll be spending a lot of my free time there with all these appointments. I like having healthy teeth but man, is it expensive sometimes. Thankfully we have insurance which will (hopefully) cover a lot of it.


  1. Dentists freak me out more than anything in the entire world. I had too much dental work done too quickly a few years ago and ended up with TMJ - and now I just freak out about going. I know it's going to result in a locked jaw!!

    1. Yikes. That sounds awful. I can't imagine how that happened but I would be freaked about dentist appointments too.

  2. Wow...Sam's his own dentist! Impressive!!

  3. C needs to go soon. Something we keep putting off!

  4. Oh my, aren't dental appointments fun? Haha! You know I recently had my own little dental experience with having two of my wisdom teeth extracted. I am actually really feeling so good since doing that though as I think my teeth were too crowded and made it difficult to brush in the back. Plus, I think it was causing me to grind my teeth and was making me have sore gums and jaw. So there's some good news to expensive dental treatments. Insurance didn't pay for my extractions, but luckily, I have what we call a medical flexible spending account at work that I used. And yes, I had to sit in the chair and hold Brody down at his last visit too! Evan was much like Sam and really loves the dentist. They give them the cool shades to wear, and his pediatric dentist has a TV with a movie showing that he can watch while lying in the chair. :-)

  5. ugh, I find dentists so pushy now. They've recommended braces a few times giving reasons like "your teeth will be easier to clean" but I haven't had a cavity in years and It's not like I struggle to keep them clean. I feel like they put braces on everyone now whether they REALLY need it or not.
    But, I recently started seeing a friend from high school as my dentist and she's awesome!

  6. OH yes! Teeth are expensive. I think all the work our little family has had in the past year and will have this year could finance a new wing at our dentist office. Yikes!


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