Monday, March 10, 2014

Oh, This Kid

Just over twelve years ago I joined a small group (care group) through our church. There were two families with young children, and me. One of the families I knew fairly well and the other family I didn't know at all. Through our care group gatherings, I got to know Tim, Janice, and their then nine-month-old daughter, Tessa. Eventually I got to babysit for Tessa, got invited to their house for dinner and other special occasions, and the rest is history. In the past twelve years we have traveled together, welcomed Willem, then Dave, then Sam, and then Rachel into our lives, and become the best of friends.

Today Tessa turns thirteen (How is that possible??? And I know her parents are wondering the same thing!), and in honour of her, I thought I would share some Tessa pictures with you. This girl means so much to me. She is my best-niece,* an amazing person, and I love her to pieces.
Hallowe'en 2002, Tessa 18 months
With Tessa at two in Virginia
August 2003
Tessa, age 4, August 2005 at Sesame Place

October 2006
Tessa, age 5 
Tessa, age 6, July 2007 at a Blue Jays' game
Tessa, age 7, April 2008
June 29, 2008 -- getting our hair done for my wedding
I love how Tessa was getting tired (or bored!)
Dancing at my and Dave's wedding
June 2008
12:06am January 1, 2009
Tessa, age (almost) 8
 June/July 2009 -- Tessa, age 8, meets Sam
Tessa, age nine, in Austria, May 2010

Tessa, age 10, meets Rachel, October 2011
Tessa, age 11, with Rachel August 2012

Tessa, age 12, on the Chocolate Trail in Stratford
March 2013

Tessa, age 12, and me
Thanksgiving 2013


*On my Project 364 post, where I posted the picture of Willem from his birthday party, one of my blog readers introduced me to the term "best nephew/niece." Basically, it's the children of your best friends. I love that term!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Tessa!!!

  2. I ran into Tim yesterday and he mentioned the momentous "teen" milestone. Love all the photos over the years.

  3. I hope Tessa had a wonderful birthday! You are such an amazing aunt, and I know she loves you just as much as you love her. And you looked so young and cute in that picture of the two of you in Virginia! :-)

  4. I've never heard of the term best-niece before, but I absolutely love it! It's definitely one I'm going to need to remember!


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