Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Day Of March Break Miracles

Sam is off from school this week for March Break. With all the birthday posts, I haven't been posting about our days in a timely fashion at all :) Friday was the first day of the break. We allowed both the kids to stay up later on Thursday night because I assumed they would sleep in and then I could too. However, they defied the laws of sleeping in and were both up at 7am. Blah. Thankfully, Dave kept them for the morning and I was able to sleep in until 9am. Yay!

Then Rachel had a major fit about wearing a diaper. "I am big. I wear underwear." Okay then... So Rachel wore underwear for about two hours, sitting on the potty every ten minutes or so, and getting a couple of Smarties every time she sat. And then she had three accidents in a row in about half an hour and I was out of patience. Thankfully she agreed to wear a diaper again. But I think potty training has begun. Wish me luck, a lot of patience, and a supply of clean rags! (And ideally a success at some point -- we haven't had one of those yet, just a few more accidents.)
Rachel's potty training attempts tired her out so much she actually napped for an hour on Friday. Yes, the child who hasn't napped since the end of December (unless she's been sick) napped. It was a March Break miracle because Oh. My. Goodness. Did she ever need it!

And then, in another March Break miracle, it was +3 outside and so we went on the first bike ride of the spring. Whooo hooo!!! (Don't be fooled by the fact that Rachel is alone on the tricycle -- I had to push her the entire time.)
At supper Sam had the meltdown to end all meltdowns and so I tossed him into bed after supper. He fell asleep at 6:35 and it was another March Break miracle. I know, three miracles in one day -- it was awesome and kind of balanced out the three toilet training accidents.

And that's how our first day of March Break went.


  1. Everyone tells me girls are easier to potty train than boys, so here's hoping it clicks with Rachel soon and she never looks back :)

  2. I like how yall just call it 'March break' and don't even lie to yourselves and call it Spring Break. :) Many of the school systems around here are on Spring Break this week and typically observe it during the 2nd or 3rd week of March each year...and everyone complains because a) it's not TECHNICALLY spring yet, and b) whether the weather is or will be 'springy' is extremely unpredictable during this point in March. Sometimes it's frigid cold during 'spring' break. Sometimes it's actually springy. But I feel like calling it March Break is just more accurate all around. :) Then you don't feel lied to if it's snowing...

  3. We have Spring Break next week! Glad that you got to have a little outside time. That makes such a big difference some days! Karsyn has had a few potty success, but we've had a tummy bug this week. Ugh! I'm ready to be a diaper free family.

  4. The first week or so of potty-training is so frustrating. I hope things get easier for her. : )

  5. Oh, good luck with the potty training! It sounds like a good sign that she's asking to go so I am sure things will start progressing. I feel really guilty that I haven't kept up a potty training routine for Brody since he has made so much progress on his own. I am hoping that when school is out for summer, we can work on it more. He actually asked to go yesterday when we were at church and at a restaurant for lunch. He likes going with daddy to use the urinals. Ha! He didn't use it at church, but he did at the restaurant. I actually thing the being able to stand and pee actually makes the process a little easier for boys. The whole undressing and pulling your pants down and sitting seems to be a lot more work for girls. ;-) Evan was super easy to potty train when he was ready, and with Brody's self-motivating progress, I hope he will be the same. And the sunshine in the bike riding pictures makes me almost think it is Spring there except for the heavy winter coats and huge piles of snow surrounding them! :-)


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