Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Wonderful Waves And Fun With Friends

A few months ago a group of friends had a conversation about enjoying a beach weekend together. Unfortunately, due to lack of planning and a few circumstances beyond our control, our "beach weekend" turned into a "beach day" this past Saturday instead. Sadly, it was rather cold and very windy so our beach day turned into a "beach 2.5 hours of fun (and shivering)." However before we moved to our next destination, Dave, Rachel and I enjoyed some time in the water...
...Sam and Rachel had fun digging in the sand...

...and I had a good time splashing in the gorgeous, big, fun, waves of Lake Huron.
Then we went to our one friends' grandparents' house where they were camping. This was the most beautiful thing I had ever come across after driving through a cow pasture. We were on the bank of the North Saugeen River and it was amazingly peaceful and gorgeous. And then we were served a delicious supper and Marika had her first ever S'More. Craziness!

And we're starting NOW to plan a beach week together next summer and this time we are going to be organized because a whole week at the beach with this fun group of friends would be amazingly awesome!!!


  1. Sounds like an awesome day! So funny that everyone else on the beach was all bundled up, and you are just out splashing in the water like it's no big deal. You are a brave and daring girl! :-)

  2. Oh how fun!!! Looks like you all had a great day! And yes, you will need a whole week on the beach next time!!!

  3. I think we went on a beach camping trip once growing up. And even though we went camping up in the mountains over and over, and at the beach once, that trip still stands out. So I say, you definitely need to find a way to make it happen next year!

  4. So pretty!! I just googled Lake Huron to see where it was in relation to Illinois/Indiana where my parents live...always thinking about possible meet-up places :)


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