Saturday, August 24, 2013

Less Than Ideal...

So I sit here at our old house waiting for our movers (who are actually our friends and Dave's co-workers) to show up so we can move all our furniture to our new house. The circumstances are less than ideal. For instance, Dave moved the camera cord already, but not the camera, so while I have taken pictures for this post, I can't upload any of them. I will have to wait until we have internet at our new place later today, and by then I'll have new things to talk about so this post will remain picture-less. So I'll tell you where I would have inserted pictures.

imagine picture of me blogging at my computer in our empty dining room here

We've already picked up our truck to load the furniture into. While we've been moving as much as possible in the back of our Toyota Matrix, some things just won't fit in it. So we rented this bad boy.

imagine picture of our U-Haul truck here

And yes, I am making Dave drive that thing because big trucks (or big vehicles of any kind) aren't for me.

imagine picture of Dave driving the truck here

As of yesterday afternoon, I told Dave "I am done with the moving process but the moving process is not done with me, so we are at an impasse." Yes, I ran out of moving energy. After a good night's sleep and some comfort food grilled cheese, however, I regained a little more momentum and managed to get through the rest of the evening. And now our house looks like this.

imagine picture of our old house with lots of taken apart furniture lying around

Now I am going to eat breakfast...

imagine a picture of my maple French Toast bagel toasted with butter and a large coffee/hot chocolate here

...and wish I knew where my fleece was. It's cold here this morning. And oh yeah, I'll probably fold some laundry because It. Never. Ends. Even in the midst of moving.

imagine a picture of a basket of unfolded laundry here

And now, for the last time from the house where I have been blogging for over a year, over and out. Catch you on the flip side.

imagine a picture of me, being driven slightly insane by moving (because why would I talk like that otherwise???), here

ps. If any of you are reading this before 9amEST and feel a strong urge to come up to Ontario and meet me, we have lots of moving for you to help with. You won't find a better offer out there on the internet today! (Okay you might, but do you really want to take advantage of those offers???)

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  1. Hang in there! I'm about to drink a cold Coke in your honor! :P


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