Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Home Ownership Is Fun?!?!?!!!!??

So I really was going to write a more interesting, and potentially informative, post for today but...

For the past few days our kitchen sink has not been draining happily. I called my dad (my reference person for all things house related) and he suggested plunging the sink. So I bought a brand new sink-and-bathtub plunger last night ('cause even if you sterilize it I just couldn't imagine using the same one we use for the toilet there) and then Dave and I plunged. And plunged. And plunged. Until the action, and the word, lost all meaning.

So I called my dad back. He suggested it might be an issue with the p-trap. As soon as I loosened the nut on the far side of the p-trap all the water came out which led us to believe the obstruction is past the p-trap. Thankfully we had a bucket under it first -- we're not that naive. (Plus my dad warned us to have a bucket there!) So now we are looking for plumbers because I can't wash dishes right now.
So until we get our kitchen sink issues figured out I can't blog. At least, not about non-kitchen sink related things. So I have a question for you and then some interesting (to me, at least!) links for you to read. Here's my question -- what is the most fun thing you have faced as a homeowner??? And by "fun" I really mean "not fun." Fill me in and help me feel better. (And I realize a non-draining sink is a pretty minor home issue to be facing.)

Now on to the links:

I seriously love reading, and this article (or whatever you call it) made me laugh. And sigh. And relate to many of them: 17 Problems Only Book Lovers Will Understand

Speaking of books, ever since Tiffany alerted me to this possibility I want to be in a library catalogue!

And if you haven't heard of Sporcle, it is a trivia website where you can waste way too much time. Not that I am speaking from experience or anything. But if you do happen to venture over there you absolutely have to try this word cloud book title quiz.


  1. By far our most amazing homeowning experience has been having our septic tank back up into the house...while we had weekend visitors. It was about 6 months after we'd moved in and SUCH a special experience for everyone!!! Luckily, after having the tank pumped that day, we haven't had another issue since. Apparently they need pumping every 5 years or something? I should probably look into that, actually, so that we don't have this issue again!! (I had always had city sewage prior to this house, so this is my first experience with septic)

  2. My husband had to replace all the old, cast iron pipes under our house with new pvc ones after our sink wouldn't drain. We had just moved in the house too. He was less than thrilled. I hope yours is a more simple solution.

  3. Ah yes, the joys of owning a home... makes me miss our days in an apartment when we could just call management to fix any issues while we were at work!

  4. Thanks for the shoutout!

    Yes, home ownership is a special kind of fun. Having the garage door get stuck halfway open has been our most "fun" experience so far.

    Hang in there!

  5. Oh goodness! Our biggest problem was a storm water drain. We had to petition the city to fix it! We had a few weeks of bulldozers in our yard after that.

  6. About a year after we moved into our house our air conditioner broke, which is absolutely miserable in a Louisiana summer. Of course a year after we replaced that, our water heater broke and also needed to be replaced. Thankfully we're about to be entering our 4th year of home ownership and nothing else has broken, so we'll see...


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