Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm A Garden-trovert

Sadly, early Sunday morning, I woke up nauseous and feeling quite ill. I lost everything in my stomach and spent most of the day in bed. And since we had stayed overnight in Toronto, it wasn't even my own bed. (You know you have good friends when they offer you their bed to recuperate in. Love you Donny and Marika.) By mid-afternoon I was feeling "well enough" to attempt being a passenger for our trip back home. And then I went back to bed for another sixteen hours.

Monday was a holiday so Dave was off and we were planning on getting some paint for our new house and doing some yard work at our current one. I was still feeling a little shaky so Dave offered to do the yard work while I directed. Sounds like a dream come true, right?!?! :) However, once I was outside I couldn't resist getting my hands dirty as well.
I still took breaks to look pathetic though. However, at the end of two hours, I had uncovered most of our sidewalk. See Exhibits "Before" and "After."
I was also revitalized. Dave commented, "Some people are introverts, some people are extroverts. You are a Garden-trovert. Gardening gives you a lot of energy." And it was true. So we headed off to get some paint.
Sam and Rachel enjoyed the extra-large cart while I hemmed and hawed over paint colours. So many choices and, really, none of them are wrong.
Paint colours are so fun! We let Sam choose the colour(s) for his room, to a point. His new room will be painted Wreath of Green, Sail Away and Old Glory. Our new office will be painted Irish Morning. Feel free to hazard a guess as to what colours we will actually be living with :) (And for those of you who are in the know (Mom and Dad, Marika, etc) don't ruin the surprise!) We are leaning towards Celestial for our kitchen but haven't reached a final decision just yet. We actually have to match some other colours in that room so it's a bit harder of a decision to make.

After Rona we headed to Target -- the one that is actually closest to us and the third Target I've been to since they opened in Canada!!! Whoo hoo!!! On a related note, Rachel, who still doesn't say a whole lot, has been saying "Target" consistently since mid-June :) The main, fun, purchase at Target was some hair elastics for Rachel. I've been trying to get her to wear headbands since she was born and she just pulls them off in about 0.2 seconds. However, she seemed excited about elastic bands. So when we got home I did some experimenting. First, the two ponytailed look:
Up next, one ponytail sticking straight up! Ha ha ha!!!
And on Tuesday, Rachel Roo asked for ponytails as soon as she woke up and Kept. Them. In. All. Day. I think we have reached a new era in hairdos around here. At least for Rachel :)


  1. Garden-trovert??!! LOVE IT!! I am one of those, too. Alright...those paint names are tricky. I'm guessing Sam's room will be green, as the Wreath of Green name implies...Sail Away is maybe a blue...and Old Glory...well in America, our flag is called Old Glory, so I will guess that the paint is a red of some sort? Sounds like a colorful room!! :)

  2. Hooray for little girl hairdos! C's is almost long enough to do something with it.
    I like the term Garden-trovert. I think I'm a music-trovert.

  3. I LOVE Rachel's hair! She is way too cute!!!! I can't wait to see what colors you pick out! That's always so exciting. We've been picking out paint colors to redo our kitchen. In the process, somehow, the girls got Jason to agree to repaint their room another shade of pink. ha!!!

  4. I hate that you weren't feeling well, but I am so glad that gardening seemed to make you feel better. My husband thinks I am actually a bit of an introvert as I am not as chatty in person as I am online. Haha! Does that surprise you? I am intrigued by the paint colors, but I think Erika is on to something with her guesses. Irish Morning is probably a light green and Celestial is some form of blue (light blue maybe?). Rachel's saying Target reminded me of Evan and how he used to call Target "the ball store" when he was that age and not because of the balls out front either. He always loved the big bouncy balls for sale in the toy section and begged for one every time we went to the store. Target was and still is his favorite store. Awww, Rachel's little pigtails are so cute!


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