Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Moving: The Continuation

Yesterday we continued "the moving process." I am calling it "the moving process" because, while we are not spending every minute actually packing, moving and unpacking things, we are spending practically every minute dealing with some aspect of being first-time home owners, settling into a new house (although we aren't staying there yet), and all the other assorted miscellany we need to deal with. So, what does our camera tell you about yesterday?

At 8:34am I discovered we have a hydrangea at our new house. Ironically, I discovered this while looking for a spot to plant the hydrangea I've kept alive in a pot all summer. Two hydrangeas at our new house -- whoo hoo!!!
At 8:42am I was hanging the shower curtain we spent hours looking for. I wanted a black and white shower curtain with an accent colour. You would think this would not be hard to find. It took looking at about five different stores but I am really happy with the end result.
At 8:48am I was taking tape off the office walls. Even though we got specific painting tape, it still took off a few huge chunks of the paint it was taped too. So now we have more to paint. Just what I was hoping for. I think that the colour of our walls does not translate well in photographs so it seems really startlingly green to me. In person, it is just awesome. You'll all have to come visit and check it out.
At 9:25am Dave set up an art installation in our bedroom. To really appreciate it you had to crawl on your belly around the room. Or be no taller than about 18 inches!
At 9:26am I took some time to admire the shower curtain again. I really like how it works with the floor and the classy French taps.
At 9:35am our washer and dryer, a housewarming present from my parents, arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I was a little excited about it?!?!?!

The washer and dryer delivery guys were hilarious. Dave and I have been yelling to each other throughout the empty house about where we are and what we've been doing so at one point I yelled to Dave, "I'm removing tape from the office." Dave yelled something back, and I didn't hear him. So I yelled, "What???" The delivery guys called, "He said, he's got the pictures (meaning he was putting the art installation in a safe place). And we've got the washer and dryer installation." It made me laugh. A lot.
At 10:19am the washer and dryer were installed and I had to admire them for awhile.
At 10:57am Julia came over, with her mom Kristen, to play in our playroom. Thankfully she is only nine months old and didn't mind that there was basically one toy to play with.
By 12:39pm Dave and I were packing up some of our kitchen at our old place.
At 1:27pm Dave hung a pot on our new pot holder. He is very excited about the pot holder. I'm just hoping I don't knock myself out by conking my head on a pot. (We are putting our kitchen cart underneath the pot holder so that possibility is slim.)
At 1:53pm I started filling my tea cupboard. I am so excited to have a dedicated tea space. And don't worry, I have more tea to fill it with.
At 2:07pm I tested some couches as we did some couch shopping. Dave was laughing that I was pretending to hold a book as I tested out my favourite reading position.

At 4:18pm we took a break from couch shopping and finally got some propane for our BBQ. We've gone to Costco a few times and forgotten to bring the tank with us so this was a significant moment.
At 9:02pm Dave read stories to the kids. (Between 4:18 and 9:02, we did some more couch shopping and had supper at Dave's parents' and brought the kids home with us. We also took the kids to our new house so we could show them how it had changed.)
So yes, the moving fun is continuing. However, today Dave is back at work, I am doing errands with the kids this morning, and then I will pack up the basement (including preparing hundreds of extra boxes for recycling because we have box overload). And since the heat wave is continuing (30C(86F without the humidex)), I think we will go swimming at Dave's boss' pool tonight. Whoo hoo!!!


  1. LOVE your bathroom floor/shower curtain!! And your pot holder!! And your washer/dryer! I am going to come over just to do my laundry. Oh and SUPER love that you tested your book-holding position on new couches-- that's important!! Hope Dave didn't make too much fun of you. Also, I need an American/Canadian translation: Is humidex the same thing as humidity?

  2. How am I supposed to just post one comment down here at the bottom when there are so many photos I want to say something about? Even though I'm sure it's stressful it looks like so many exciting things are happening! Wish I could be there

  3. It's looking great! I think I've mentioned my love for hydrangeas before, but it's worth repeating. They are so beautiful--perfect addition to the house!

  4. I too am a big fan of hydrangeas! I haven't had a big one in my yard since the very first house Eddie and I lived in after we got married. It was a big beautiful bush with blue flowers. I love all the progress on the house. All of the colors are gorgeous. The green is especially fun, and I wish I could see it in person to see its true potential. I can't wait to see the finished product as all your hard work comes together! Yes, a nice swim seems well deserved. :-)

  5. Couch shopping is fun, and important. When I have my road races on some weekends, I'll spend a lot of time "holding down the couch" for the rest of the weekend. : )

    1. I am really looking forward to weekends of "holding down the couch!"

  6. I am literally going to have to scroll up and down to remember all of my comments.
    1. Love the bathroom floor!
    2. Love the tea cabinet!
    3. Love the playroom floors!
    4. Pretty couch you are trying out! Good color for kids...hah :)
    5. We always forget to take the propane tank to costco...and it is so cheap there to fill it up! Then we end up spending $1,000 filling it up at the gas station when we run out half-way through grilling something!
    6. Yes...what is "humidex"?

  7. My husband keeps asking for one of those pot holders too! I do like the way they look, but I'm just afraid of how dusty it would look.

    And I love you tea cupboard. What a neat space!


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