Friday, March 15, 2013

Twenty-One Months!!!

Rachel Katie you are twenty-one months old!
(Or will be officially on Sunday!)
Today you had your 18 month shots (yeah, I know, we're a little late on those -- I was sick in December (first appointment) and you were sick in January (second appointment). Apparently third time's the charm!). You weigh in at 24.25 pounds! Whoo hoo! You are exactly at the 50th percentile for weight. You are 33" tall and have grown almost 4" since October. No wonder you have been outgrowing your clothes so quickly :)
You did really well with your shots today, only crying for about a minute. You had Funny Bunny and Funky Monkey with you so I think that helped. And your soother, of course. (You don't usually have your soother outside of your crib but given the shots I opted not to try and take it away for these pictures.) You've been sleeping fairly well lately although three times this week you didn't nap in the afternoon. I could hear you bouncing around and talking in your crib the whole time. It is Way. Too. Early. For you to give up your nap Miss Rachel. Thankfully this afternoon you are napping again.
You are getting much better at feeding yourself yogurt in the morning. You don't make near as much of a mess as you used to. You also just want to be Miss Independent and feed yourself everything lately. Soon you won't need us to help at all. You really like to get your own bottle out of the fridge and drink it by yourself.
Your vocabulary has expanded by leaps and bounds these past few weeks. You've FINALLY started saying "Mommy" -- YAY!!! You also can say "crocodile" and "itsy bitsy" and "thank you." Today at the doctor's office you were saying "Hi!" to everyone who entered and everyone who left got a "Bye!" and a kiss blown at them. They shouldn't feel too special though since you also said "Bye!" and blew kisses to the diaper garbage yesterday when Daddy took it out! (Which made Daddy and I laugh. A lot.)
You also like having books read to you and in "The Paper Bag Princess" you yell "Hey!!!" to wake up the dragon and "sleep" when he's sleeping. You also like when "All the hippos go Berserk!" and you yell "Yay!!!" Daddy says you also know a lot of the animal sounds in "Moo! Baa! La la la!" but you won't do it for me. You are such a Daddy's girl.
You still like to fake burp and know we will laugh when you do so. You're a bit of a comedian. You've gotten more independent on the stairs. Probably a little much so as you fell down them twice last week and once this morning. But we just can't keep you from going up them when someone is upstairs. You've also started patting your diaper, yelling "pee!" and wanting to sit on the potty. You like to get toilet paper and wipe as well :) And whenever you can get a Kleenex, you blow your nose and throw the Kleenex in the garbage. And when you can't get a clean Kleenex, you just help yourself to one OUT OF the garbage. Ewww.
Here you are this afternoon and last March at nine months old. It's hard to comprehend how much you've grown and changed since then. Although I think your wide-open mouth looks the same in both pictures -- Ha ha ha! We love you Rachely-Roo!


  1. She is so cute! I'm glad that she did well on her shots. We'll both be planning second birthday parties soon!

    1. Thank you! I know, I cannot BELIEVE how quickly time has gone. How can our baby girls be almost two already?!?!?!

  2. Awww, I think we should all have one big 2nd birthday party together. ;-) Miss Rachel is just becoming quite the little lady. Brody has been more independent on the stairs lately too. He's always been good about just going down on his belly "safely" but lately he wants to walk down and hold the railing. He's careful, but it still makes me nervous so I totally get that one. You know that Brody loves to wipe himself too and blow his nose and blow kisses...they are so much alike! He hasn't "wanted" to sit on the potty, but he got a new book recently (Dinosaur versus Potty) so after reading it to him, I decided to sit him on the potty to show him what the story was all about. He thought that was funny. :-)


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