Monday, March 25, 2013

Once Upon A Time...

EDITED TO ADD: Understandably, my friend does not want pictures of her kids on the internet so I have removed most of the pictures from this post to respect her wishes.

... we, temporarily of course, had four kids for about twenty-four hours. Whoo boy was that a little crazy! Dave and I kept reminding ourselves that it wasn't like actually having four kids unless 1) we'd had two sets of twins and 2) we didn't know half of each set of twins very well, like maybe they were separated at birth and then were reunited with us when the kids were four and one. You know, something like that! Anyways my friend asked me about taking turns swapping kids for overnights a few months ago and this past Friday was our trial by fire run! We had their two kids overnight and it actually went really well. We got to eat popcorn, drink smoothies and watch a "movie," also known as a 23 minute long Mighty Machines episode. (I put a link to Mighty Machines because I think I've talked about it a lot but never actually explained what is was.)
 When will this movie start?!? I need more popcorn.

The two older kids went to bed, where they proceeded to talk and giggle for about half an hour. We ended up separating the two of them so they could fall asleep.

The next morning everyone played, Dave read some stories, Rachel had her last swimming lesson and, after lunch, everyone had a nap. And then it was time for our two extra kids to go home, much to everyone's disappointment. It will be fun to have these kids over again but I must admit, I am even more excited for when Dave and I get to drop off our kids at our friends house and have a kid-free 24 hours while they get to temporarily have four kids! I'm so thankful to have good friends we can trade childcare with.


  1. I am impressed! I'm not sure I could agree to that set-up, but I'm glad your first experience went well :)

  2. Having 4 kids is great, right? That'll be so nice to take turns having sleep overs for the kids and the adults. Evan used to love watching Mighty Machines when he was a little younger.

    1. It was actually not as scary as I thought! And I think they will love having sleepovers together. And I know the adults will enjoy it too :)


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