Saturday, March 09, 2013

March Miscellaney

I was a lot surprised to wake up on Thursday morning to a whole bunch of snow! About an inch, Dave guessed. Thankfully he had most of it shoveled by the time I woke up so I just got to bask in the prettiness of it. Dave was insistent on taking pictures in the morning although I was convinced it would be around until the afternoon. On the left are the pictures taken at 8am and on the right are the pictures taken at 5pm. Good thing Dave was insistent, eh?! I am so ready for Spring.
On Thursday night we had LOGOS, our mid-week program at the church and it was a night to celebrate birthdays. I love that we mark birthdays there. Each kid and adult participant gets a birthday cupcake to celebrate. Thankfully we were celebrating March AND June so both Sam and Rachel got a cupcake. I was trying to imagine the disaster which would have ensued if only ONE kid had received a cupcake. Yerghks :() Sam is sooooooo excited about his birthday "at the end of March which is THIS month, Mommy!!!!" and so was off the walls most of yesterday waiting for the evening.
Sam and Rachel with their cupcakes and then with Tessa and an awesome kid from my Sunday School class who also got to celebrate their birthdays! Each kid also gets to pick out a present from the birthday basket. Sam picked a car, which he then left in the nursery "so every kid at church can play with it" and I picked out the adorable ladybug barrettes Rachel is wearing in the following pictures. So cute!

I thought it was hysterical to watch Rachel continue to eat her cupcake long after everything else around her was cleaned up. She was just sitting in her highchair in the empty Fellowship Hall eating her cupcake. She was one serious and determined cupcake-eater! (And you can see the lovely bruise on her left temple from falling down four stairs on Thursday afternoon and landing underneath our boot rack. sigh.)


  1. Love the snow & cupcake pictures! Hope y'all have a great weekend :)

  2. Love the pictures of Rachel and her cupcake. So cute!

    1. I never get tired of taking pictures of my kids eating cupcakes. I just think they are so funny!

  3. Did I know Sam's and Evan's birthdays were so close? Evan's is on the 27th. And when is Rachel's? Is it close to Mattie's due date on the 24th? So glad they both got to enjoy their birthday cupcakes. Sorry you got a little more snow, but I'm glad it melted fast. I know you are ready for spring!


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