Friday, March 08, 2013

Show Us Your Life: Nieces and Nephews

Today Kelly's Korner is allowing us to show off our nieces and nephews. I have one nephew, Liam, and two nieces, Kaelin and Ainsley. Dave has one niece, Lily. And then I have my "local niece and nephew," as I call them, Tessa and Willem. Today I am writing about all of them. Unfortunately I don't get to see my actual nieces and nephew all that often.
Liam, Kaelin, Sam and Ainsley.
Christmas 2009
For Thanksgiving 2009 Dave's parents and niece, Lily, came to my parents' house to visit.
Liam, Ainsley (my niece and nephew), Sam, and Lily
Kaelin with Sam and Rachel
Christmas 2011
Sadly, Rachel has never met Liam and Ainsley.
  Lily with Rachel (July 2011) and with Sam, this past summer.

Since I have never been close with my siblings, and therefore don't often get to see my nieces and nephew, I have adopted Tessa and Willem as my "local niece and nephew." I met Tim and Janice through our church small group when Tessa was not quite 9 months old and as Tim and Janice's siblings aren't geographically close to them, it worked out well for Tessa and I to have an aunt-niece relationship. And Willem got to join in too, once he was born! I love these two kids so much. And I absolutely love watching Sam and Rachel and Tessa and Willem all play together and hang out and have fun. My kids just adore Tessa and Willem and it makes me so joyful!
Here are Dave and I at our wedding with Willem, Tessa and Lily.
June 2008
Tessa with Sam in June 2009 and Willem and Sam in Vienna (and matching pjs!) in May 2010.

Willem and Tessa meet Rachel in October 2011.
All four kids together this past August and in January at the Butterfly Conservatory.


  1. You are a very blessed Aunt! I love the matching PJ picture - how cute is that!!!

    1. I do feel quite blessed. And yes, the matching pj picture is a favourite of mine. Sam and Willem actually have matching pjs for this year as well and we still need to get a picture of the two of them.

  2. Oh, I love the idea of having local nieces and nephews! I adore my niece and nephew, but they are miles and miles away in Connecticut. We Skype, text, and see each other when we can, but it's never enough (for their old aunt, anyway). ;)

  3. Oh what a beautiful family you have! Great pictures...♥

  4. So sweet! I love that you and your friends have such a great relationship and that your kids are "cousins." And I definitely love that wedding loved beautiful!

  5. Our kids are so lucky to have you as their local aunt! Janice


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