Sunday, March 24, 2013

Celebrating Sam! Part The First

Sam turns FOUR on Saturday! Some days I wonder how on earth that is even possible?!?! It doesn't seem like four short years ago that we were awaiting his arrival and then experiencing his birth. (You can go here to read Sam's birth story if you haven't before.) Since Tim, Janice, Tessa and Willem are going to be out of town for Sam's birthday party we had a separate celebration with them after church today. Sam had very specific ideas for his cake -- "a Cars ice cream cake with a number '4' candle from Baskin-Robbins." He's had this plan ever since we went there for Dave's birthday a couple of months ago. So we had one of our semi-regular pizza and salad lunches with the Hedricks, complete with cake to celebrate Sam! It was a lot of fun!
Tim, Janice, Tessa and Willem gave Sam a Hess helicopter for his birthday and Sam has not turned it off since he got it. The rotors spin and the lights on both the helicopter and the rescue vehicle turn on. Sam LOVES it.
Sam did a good job of reading who his card came from.
Opening his present.
Uncle Tim put the batteries in and that was very intriguing!
Time for cake and singing.
Sam sang along too, which I thought was really cute :)
Rachel sat patiently with Auntie Janice.
Licking the candle off (don't worry, I'll wash it before we use it on Saturday!)
and digging in. The middle was chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
This cake was soooo delicious and I thought Baskin-Robbins did a great job.
Rachel enjoyed her cake too!
What a big girl feeding herself with a spoon.
It was so fun to celebrate Sam with some of our favourite people! Now on to the next party...


  1. How fun! Sam sure has some beautiful eye lashes. =)

    1. It was a fun couple of hours! And yes, Sam was born with those eyelashes. I think I've finally gotten used to them :)

  2. Yay for birthday boys! We both have birthday boys this week. Our boys are almost birthday twins. Evan's is Wednesday so we are going to his school and just planning to try to make his day as special as we can. We are waiting a few weeks for his and Brody's shared birthday party, and this weekend was just too much for a party along with Easter. Happy birthday to our BIG babies! :-)


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