Sunday, March 03, 2013

February Fail

Remember how I gave January a score at the end of the month. Well, mostly because I don't have anything else to blog about today, I decided to rate February. February was a tough month. There was some good, and more bad. Boo :(

I finally saw the movie Cars and loved it +4

We had a lot and more and even more snow and I got very sick of shoveling and then I threw my back out -10
And then we had to spend six hours in total chipping ice of our sidewalk and another two hours (just me) shoveling out a parking spot when the tenant who lived behind us moved out because he didn't do it for two whole months even though he said he would -10 (yes, again)
We had a very good Valentine's celebration +5 
The Kinderconcert was good +2
We didn't get to go to our friend's wedding in Montreal but we did have a good weekend at home -2 (It would have scored a lot lower except for the "good weekend at home" part.) 
I had a lot of fun documenting Willem's Around The World birthday party +5
I gave blood successfully!!! +2
And we found an awesome house but they accepted another offer as We. Were. Touring. It. so we never got to put an offer in on it. Buying a house is sooooo frustrating and such a roller coaster ride. -5

So February's total score is -9. Yep, you read that right -- February failed completely. Thus far March is doing a lot better. Of course, it doesn't have to do much to show up February.


  1. Sorry February was such a bummer of a month! I agree- homebuying is the WORST. Hopefully the end result is worth it, but the process....UGH. Hope March is much better!!

  2. Personally, I would give the no Montreal trip a higher score, given that you would have had a miserable trip home.

    I am so sorry about the house! :(

  3. Well, here's to March being better!

  4. Yes, hopefully March will be better. =) And I always like to think, if this is my bad, I must have it pretty good.

    1. I totally hear you that these "problems" are minor in terms of what I could be facing, and in terms of what others are facing too. I recognize that when it comes down to it, I am very fortunate in life. After all most of my stress this month was that I "get to!!!" buy a house. That's a pretty good problem to have :)

  5. Here's to a great March! : )



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