Friday, March 22, 2013

Show Us Your Life: Pinterest

Today Kelly is hosting Show Us Your Life: What Are Your Favourite Pinterest Ideas? So I have to admit, I love Pinterest so I can pin things there but I don't often go back and actually DO/COOK the things I've pinned. And most of my pins have come from blogs I read or the "Show Us Your Life" series when I want to remember things. So here are some of the ones I really want to try -- you know, when I have make the time to do/cook them! First we'll start with recipes. (And I have to say that this is the first time I've ever tried to share anything from Pinterest on my blog. It was a bit of a challenge!)

I'm excited to try these breakfast oatmeal muffins...

...and this coffee punch from my blog friend Erika.

Mostly I use Pinterest to dream about how to decorate when we finally buy a house. For Sam's room I would love to do something like this...

...or this since he is so into letters.

For Rachel's room I'm thinking something like this since I just love different kinds of material...

...and I LOVE these curtains!!!

And here are a few crafts I really want to make soon! The colours in these Mason jars just really appeals to me.

I have one of my Grandma's old hymnals so at some point I can make this...

And since this is my most popular re-pin, at some point I will have to make this!!!

Thanks for reading about all my Pinterest hopes and dreams! Maybe you found something new to add to your Pinterest board. If you want to follow me (although I'm fairly boring!), my Pinterest name is Tashajk.


  1. The muffins looks so yummy! I love the wreaths too! Making one from your Grandma's hymnal would be so sweet. It would become a family treasure.

    1. I have enough hymnals (three) that when I finally get around to making them, if they turn out, I will make one for each of my aunts and uncles, if they want. I think it's such a neat way to remember to my grandma. And I really need to try out the muffins at some point -- I don't know why it seems so complicated to sit down and cook a Pinterest recipe! Ha!

  2. Oooo, I love the fabric scrap wreath! Hmmmm, I wonder if I could do something like that for Mattie's room. Yep, I love Pinterest for idea inspiration although I limit my time on there since it is such a time waster. :-)


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