Sunday, March 10, 2013

Knocking Things Off The List

So in the past few days I have gotten quite a few things done on my "41 Before 41" list. Check them out!

10) Print pictures again!
     (If I don't stay on top of this the task becomes overwhelming. And now I have 70 folders of pictures which I need to go through.)
Finished Mar 8
My photo folder went from 70 folders which I needed to go through and choose pictures from, down to about fifteen folders, with 333 pictures printed. They are also put in albums, which I didn't take a picture of. Yay!!!

15) Have a date night with Dave every two weeks. This will take some (a lot!) of planning.  Kid-free dinner at home -- March 1 
Dave offered to plan this date night so he lined up the babysitting and made dinner. It was so nice to have an uninterrupted dinner at home. We'll have to do it more often :)

30) Frame Sam and Rachel's whale watching certificates, with pictures.
     (Again, this will get another thing off my dresser!)
Finished Mar 8  
Not only did I get the pictures printed but I also bought frames for the certificates. Sam's is now sitting on his super-clean (!!!) shelves and Rachel's is on her dresser. Yay!

7) Sew a second dress for Rachel.
     (I finished one. I can finish two. Especially since I have all the materials for it.)
Finished Mar 9!!! (See the first one I made here.)
Dave said I should call this one "With A Little Help From My Friends" since I used Melinda's pattern, Karen's sewing machine and Shirley's iron to complete this project. I also used about seven band-aids (and counting!) because I managed to sew my finger. Ouch :( And I also think that this might have inspired my last "41 Before 41" thing -- "Keep Rachel in the dress I sewed for her," because as you can tell from the above pictures, she wanted to get our of the dress more than she actually wanted to WEAR the dress. sigh. Also, you can tell I'm not proud/was excited to get to sew because I was still in my pjs, housecoat and glasses with uncombed hair. Welcome to my real life :)

A special shout-out to Dave who let me sleep in, sew a dress, and go take pictures of Tessa's 12th birthday party while he dealt with the kids for most of the day. Although Rachel did have her swimming lesson with Grandma and Sam did go to the sugar bush with Grandma and Grandpa so I wasn't as negligent of a mother as it sounds like. Ha ha ha!

And now I want to start my own Etsy shop making reversible dresses for all and sundry! They are so fun to make, sewing through my finger aside.


  1. SEWING THROUGH YOUR FINGER??!?! Yikes!! That's enough to make me want to keep my sewing machine safely in the closet for a long, long time. Also, I appreciate the irony of thinking that if your wound was bad and you had to go to the hospital, in order to stitch it shut they it, really. Ha. :)

  2. Yay for getting stuff done! Doesn't it feel great? I mean, I am exhausted from the crazy weekend we just had, but I am so glad we got so much done. You know I have a lengthy list to accomplish in the next few months so getting some of it off the list feels great. I am so sorry you sewed your finger (OUCH!), but the dress is adorable. I really like the strawberry fabric. Wanna make one for Miss Mattie too? ;-)

  3. You did get a lot of stuff done. I love the dress that you made! So cute!

    1. Thanks! I felt like I got a lot accomplished off my list these past few days. And I really enjoyed making the dress, except for the whole sewing my finger thing!

  4. That dress is beautiful! I think you're going to have to start taking orders. ;)


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