Wednesday, November 30, 2022

What's Up Wednesday: November 2022

Is it just me or is this year flying by? I cannot believe it's already November. As it's the last Wednesday of the month, I'm linking up with Shay at Mix and Match Mama and Sheaffer at Sheaffer Told Me To for What's Up Wednesday. Read on to see what we've been up to lately...

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What we're eating this week... Honestly, we've been eating a bit randomly around here. Too much eating out because of too many things going on and too many quick and easy meals other times. I feel like I haven't cooked a proper meal in ages -- unless you count the soup I made on Sunday. I am very excited though because I found my favourite cheese Advent calendar again so starting tomorrow I'll be eating a lot of very good cheese!

What I'm reminiscing about... We got our family photos taken recently, and I'm finally catching up on some picture printing, so I've been thinking about our family photos throughout the years. Are you okay if I do some family photo sharing?
2014, Sam is four, Rachel is two 
2018, Rachel is seven and Sam is nine 

2020, the year we all spent too much time together!

2021, how did our kids get so big?!?!?!

What I'm loving... Well, after all the reminiscing, how can I not love this year's family photos!!! None of these are the ones we used on our cards but here are a few I really love!


What we've been up to... November has been full of lots of good things. Dance viewing (and practices) for Rachel...

...high school visits with Sam...

...lots of cozy Hallmark movie watching...

 ...getting our yard ready for winter...


...and just lots of enjoying life.

What I'm dreading... School and work go until December 23 this year. WHYYYYYY?!?!?! So I am dreading having to work until the day before Christmas Eve. It does mean we get a nice long break after New Years but that last week is going to feel like a loooooong one.

What I'm working on... Well, in the course of a week we got family photos taken, we got our cards ordered, and I went through all the pictures from this past year and made our yearly calendars. I'm so glad all that work is done and now I'm going to relax! Maybe I'll work on some puzzles in December :)

What I'm excited about... For the past number of years, we've gotten matching family pajamas from one particular place. However, we didn't like their options for this year so we went to Old Navy. While our pajamas aren't matching this year, they are coordinating and I am so excited about them!!! I think we'll pull them out on Friday night for our holiday card addressing marathon! Even Dave caved and got a pair this year!
What I'm watching/reading... We've been watching a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies. Other than that I've been watching Rachel at dance and watching for information on high school visits for Sam. Oh, and watching the delivery times for all the things I've ordered -- our cards, our calendars, our photos!

In terms of reading, it's the same old, same old. Here's hoping 2023 kick starts my reading into a different gear. Until then, I'll continue to read all the In Death books by JD Robb and whatever book my book club is reading.
What I'm listening to... Achy Breaky Heart -- hahaha!!! The gym classes at my school are learning dancing and this song plays about five times a day! I'm remembering what it's like to be 20 again and line dancing to this at the bar! Hahaha!!!

What I'm wearing... Our weather has been flip flopping between cold and cool so I've been wearing my fall/spring jacket and my lighter winter jacket. I never know how to dress to go outside these days. Some days I'm bundled up and some days I'm throwing my toque in my bag because I'm too warm. And don't get me started on foot wear!

What I'm doing this weekend... Friday night is our holiday card addressing, Hallmark movie watching, cranberry tea drinking, Applesauce Jumble eating, new pajama wearing evening! It's going to be so fun!!! Rachel, especially, is really looking forward to it!
Our card addressing evening last year

What I'm looking forward to next month... Rachel is in eight different performances of two different dance shows in eight days so I'm looking forward to seeing her dance in a few different venues, including on stage, live, with our symphony! I'm also looking forward to celebrating Channukah and celebrating Christmas with my parents! December usually brings a lot to look forward to :)

What else is new... I think I've covered it all.

Thanks for reading about what's been up with us lately. I love documenting our months this way and I'm so honoured that you take a few minutes from your day to catch up with us.


  1. Excited to see your Christmas PJs- Old Navy always comes through! Your Friday night sounds divine especially the Applesauce Jumbles ;)

  2. 8 performances, wow! Gabbie is only in 3, lol. Sounds like you had a good month!

  3. I love seeing people's family pictures throughout the years; it's fun to watch kids grow and change. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your family pictures came out great!!

  5. I'm cracking up that you said you couldn't believe it was November...on November 30 ha. I love December and excited for everything coming up! I'm jealous that everyone participates in card addressing, I do it all by myself here, ugh. Got them printed yesterday and am picking them up today so I'll be starting tonight, yay! So hopefully they all go out this weekend. I LOVED the trip down memory lane for viewing your family pics. :) Also, I read Nora Goes Off Script this month and think you'll like it - it's light and cute but also love the characters AND it's less than 300 pages. :)

  6. Love the throwback pics as well as the recent ones. Friday night sounds so fun. You will have to continue your Hello Monday posting streak and let us know how it and the rest of your weekend went ;).

  7. I love those throwback photos and this years family photos are great too. Your card addressing night sounds like so much fun. I just got my cards in the mail this week and my photo calendars arrived on Monday after a week-long delay.

  8. I loved looking at your family photos over the years. It’s crazy how fast the years fly by and how quick the kids grow. Sounds like Friday night is going to be lots of fun!

  9. What a great tradition you have going with the cards, pjs, tea, etc. I like going out to things, but love the time at home too.

  10. LOVE your family photos through the years! The transformation of the kids' hair styles is especially fun. Rachel used to be so curly! Can't wait to see this year!

  11. Man, you have to work up to the 23rd? That's terrible.

    I love all the pictures of your family through the years.

    I used to get PJ's for the boys when they were little and they got to open them on Christmas eve, so they could wear them that night.


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