Tuesday, April 05, 2022

One Sentence A Day: March 2022

March was a month of changes and excitement for our family. And it felt like the most normal month we've had in two years. (And I use that phrase "in years" a lot in this post, but it's true.) And, as always for this post, I'm linking up with Rebecca Jo and the other Sentence A Day bloggers.

1 - Tuesday -- I walked to the optometrist and the library and didn't wear a toque for the first time in months!

2 - Wednesday -- It was a mixed up day and nothing went like I'd anticipated.

3 - Thursday -- I worked at a new school and was running all day but I really enjoyed it.

4 - Friday -- Mom, Dad, and I went to hear Dave play in a concert which is the first time in years I've gone to a live music event!

5 - Saturday -- Dave and I had an excellent date night!

We enjoyed eating in our own private greenhouse.  

6 - Sunday -- We had an extended family get together with some of my mom's family and I connected with cousins I hadn't seen in years.

7 - Monday -- I found out at 11am that I'd gotten hired as a Temporary Head Secretary (for the rest of the year) at a school I'd worked at in the fall and had two days left at my current school.

8 - Tuesday -- I was still processing my work change and getting ready for vacation.

9 - Wednesday -- I worked my last day at my current school and we left the country for the first time in two years.

10 - Thursday -- We met up with an Instagram friend for lunch and met Dave's cousin's "baby," who is almost two already, for the first time.

11 - Friday -- New York City!!!!!!!!!

12 - Saturday -- We met up with another blog/Instagram friend and also hugged Dave's cousins for the first time in three years.

13 - Sunday -- It was a great day of family visiting.


14 - Monday -- We had one last day in New York City and started our drive home.

15 - Tuesday -- Going home is never as much fun as leaving for a trip.

16 - Wednesday -- It was a day of trying to get all the things done before I headed back to work.

17 - Thursday -- I woke up with a migraine so called in sick to work, slept late, and then enjoyed a beautiful, warm, spring day.

18 - Friday -- In the fall of 2020 I worked at the main board office, helping to process student registrations. Due to a huge backlog, I was offered a few extra days of work (during March Break and on Saturdays) to help with the volume of work. This was my first day back and I was exhausted by the end of the day. (Sorry that this is more than one sentence!)

19 - Saturday -- I worked a full day again this day and then we enjoyed our last pizza night with Mom and Dad.

20 - Sunday -- It was a lazy Sunday, we took the flannel sheets off the bed, and we enjoyed our first BBQ of the year!

21 - Monday -- Mom and Dad flew home to Saskatchewan (boo), the kids went back to school, and I started work as a Head Secretary!

Their first time returning to school in person, after March Break, since 2019. The last two years, they finished out the year online.

22 - Tuesday -- It was my second day in my new position and I was feeling much more settled.

23 - Wednesday -- ICE DAY!!! We didn't have to go to (in person) school or work and I got a lot done at home!

24 - Thursday -- It was the first SoulFood gathering of the spring and it was so great to gather with my church family in person again.

25 - Friday -- I read in bed and prepared to work the next day.

26 - Saturday -- I finished my second (and last) Saturday of work and Dave and I went to a choir concert in the evening.

27 - Sunday -- Rachel got her dance costume for her upcoming performance and I laughed for fifteen minutes straight at her.

28 - Monday -- Rachel wasn't feeling well and I was hoping and praying it wasn't Covid coming for us.

29 - Tuesday -- Rachel doesn't have Covid but she stayed home and I went to bed early because I was so tired.

30 - Wednesday -- HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY SAM!!!

31 - Thursday -- There was a power surge at school which took out the bells so I had to ring them manually all day (which added up to eleven times).

So that was our March. It held so many things we hadn't been able to do for the past two years and April looks to be more of the same {plus spring!) so we're excited around here!


  1. What a busy and exciting month!!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful march!... though I did laugh that it ended with you having to manually ring the bell. Did you remember to ring them on time, each time?!

  3. Now THAT is a FUN month right??? So normal....people...places...all the things...so happy for you!

  4. Eating out in the green house looks relaxing & fun. Congrats on the new job placement. I work in different offices & enjoy the change from time to time. Yum! Those pizzas sure look tasty. Pizza is one of my all-time favorite foods. We use are flannel sheets year round, they are just so soft & comfy. Oh my gosh, love that dance costume, it's so cute, sure would liked to have seen the performance. My 2 Grandgirls are taking dance. Glad to read that things were more back to normal around your place with the kids going back to school & getting to visit cousins. Happy Spring! Karen


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