Saturday, April 16, 2022

I Spy 2022: Week 15 (Week 67)

It's another week of "I Spy" with Lysha at A Camera and A Cookbook. It's a Passover edition of "I Spy" this week!

 Let's Play iSpy 2022 

{Work Space – quarterly}

Well, if I could take a picture of my "work space" at work, you would see that it's changed from last time since I'm at a new school, in a new position. However, here is my work space at home. I have books to enter into my Goodreads account, I have a pair of dance tights to mend on my top shelf, and my desk is looking a little cleaner because I've cleaned out the file folders in the basket on the plastic organizer.

{Out of the blue}

My friend texted me "out of the blue" that she was coming by in the next half hour, and she stopped by with warm chocolate cake. I also ate it "out of a blue" bowl so that was appropriate! This cake was so good and I'm so touched that my friend thought of us.

{Starts with 'B'}


A Bowl of matzoh Ball soup "starts with 'b'" and is one of my favourite things to eat at Passover.


This week we ate our "apple" in charoset form. Charoset (pronounced, "ha-ROW-set") represents the mortar the Israelites used to make bricks for the Egyptians while in slavery. It's made of apples, cinnamon, walnuts, and a little red wine. There is also another way to make it, from a different tradition of Judaism, but this is the kind we like.

{Your Choice}


This year I made Sam responsible for making the matzoh ball soup (Rachel made the charoset), and rolling out the matzoh balls with him was really fun. Having our kids take more responsibility for holidays around our house is always "my choice"!


  1. Love all these photos! Your out of the blue is great; I really struggled with that one.

  2. Now I need some matza ball soup- looks so good!

  3. Love all the food pictures and slices of life.

  4. So great when the kids are old enough to help prepare in the kitchen!

  5. Love the "out of the blue" photo and the little story behind it! The charoset looks delicious - its one of my favorite things in the seder meal.

  6. I don't think I've ever had Matzoh Ball soup.


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