Wednesday, April 06, 2022

Currently: April 2022

It's the first Wednesday in April (Side note: How is it April already?!?!?) so I'm joining in with Anne at in residence for "Currently."


I'm "getting" excited about Rachel's spring dance show at the end of the month. She had the spring show for her performance group this past weekend and it was so great to get to see her dance in person again. The show at the end of April is the show for everyone at her studio. Rachel is in three dances and two shows, and it's the first time since 2019 that it's happening and I'm soooo thrilled for her!

She was a fish and a kangaroo this past weekend.


After a few years of Covid restrictions, we've been "going" to so many live events -- Dave and I went on a date to a local choir concert, Rachel and I went to see our friend play Anne in the play, Anne of Green Gables, and we went to Rachel's dance show this past weekend. I'm so happy to get to go to all of these things again.

So many programs from in person events!!!


Well, Sam turned 13 last Wednesday and we're currently "planning" his 13th birthday party. I worked a couple of Saturdays, Rachel had her dance show, and Sam is getting braces next week so we've had to postpone his party for a few weeks. But it will happen and he's really excited about it.

Sam, on his actual birthday


I finally finished "posting" about our New York City trip over March Break. You can read my final post about the trip here. Now I'm just back to posting about regular life but, I am so here for it because, for the past two Aprils, we've been in lock down in our province so I'm just thrilled that "regular life" is happening again.


I've been "thinking" WHERE IS SPRING?!?!? It's been a cold one here, and we're getting snow again this weekend. I haven't even hung a load of laundry outside yet this year. Gasp.

We did finally get to my favourite greenhouse this weekend to get the pansies for the window boxes but they're currently living in our front entry until it warms up a little. However, as I'm writing this post on Tuesday night, the windows are open in our room because it was warm out, so there are signs of spring happening.

So that's what's up with us "currently." It's so wonderful to write a mostly "normal" Currently post after so many months of Covid grumpiness and frustrations.


  1. So nice you can go and plan again! Enjoy your day!

  2. It seems like the covid scaries are over?? maybe? It's nice to be getting out again for sure!

  3. So excited for you to see Rachel dance live again and for all of the live performances and I a right there with you on spring- can't wait to plant!

  4. I cannot get over those costumes!! And a real life teenager, wow wow!!

  5. You lie! There is no snow this weekend, look at the temperatures! I do see some rain for Saturday but with 8 degrees, there can't be snow that comes with that, right!?!? Glad you're getting to some in person events!

    1. If you check Environment Canada for our area this weekend, it shows flurries. I'm not happy about it :(

  6. Those costumes are so cute!! In person events are wonderful.

  7. I still cant believe Sam is a TEENAGER!
    & I love Rachel's costumes - so fun! Makes me want to start dance class - LOL

  8. It really is nice to go to in-person events again!!

    Lauren @

  9. I'm jealous of you getting flowers! We are still at least a month away from that before the danger of frost is gone. How exciting for your daughter's dance show!

  10. Cute costumes for Rachel, I particularly like the kangaroo one & it's a great one to include the mask.

  11. Hooray for in-person events!! Isn't it great!:) What great costumes...and kudos for Rachel being able to dance with that fish on her head!!:)


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