Tuesday, January 05, 2021

One Sentence A Day: December 2020

Guess what? I made it a whole year documenting one sentence (almost) every single day. That's 365 (give or take a few) sentences summing up a whole year. I LOVED this way of recording my days so I will be continuing with it in 2021. Read on to see what December 2020 held and, as always, I'm linking up with Rebecca Jo and other bloggers.

1 - Tuesday -- It was a snow day and we did a lot of decorating and in the evening, we broke out the 2020 matching family pajamas!

2 - Wednesday -- I found out my current position at work was ending sooner than I had anticipated so I spent the rest of the day digesting that news.

3 - Thursday -- I had a headache, came home early, and had a three hour nap.

4 - Friday -- It was a day of getting things done at home, including baking challah, and then picking up our Christmas tree in the afternoon.

So glad we still have our Chariot to haul things around in!

5 - Saturday -- We all went for a walk to run uptown errands (I was the only person who went in anywhere) and we enjoyed our first Starbucks since May, complete with holiday cups!

6 - Sunday -- Rachel had her dance performance taping for December, Dave and Rachel ran errands, and the kids and I looked at our travel photo books.

7 - Monday -- It was a blah day with Sam still at home sick, but we baked Channukah cookies in the evening which made things better.

8 - Tuesday -- I went for a walk with Janice during the day and, in the evening, we decorated our Christmas tree.

9 - Wednesday -- I walked a lot of errands today, and an additional walk with Janice, which meant I went to bed with a lot of steps tonight!

10 - Thursday -- It was the first night of Channukah, and my two day job at a school turned into a week and a half job -- love it when that happens :)

11 - Friday -- We gave the kids their Channukah presents and the rest of the evening was spent playing with them.

12 - Saturday -- It was a rainy day, we stayed inside all day, I napped, and we ended the evening with a family game and our synagogue's community menorah lighting over Zoom.

13 - Sunday -- We met up with Dave's parents for a physically distant walk and then celebrated Channukah with them over Zoom in the evening.

Dave frying our latkes on the griddle outside, as is our tradition!

14 - Monday -- Today my job got extended until the end of the third week in January!!!

15 - Tuesday -- We played a really fun board game this night and lit candles for the sixth night of Channukah.

16 - Wednesday --  I had my blog friends' book club this night and the husbands joined in for about half an hour which was so much fun!!!

17 - Thursday -- We had hot chocolate bombs for the eighth night of Channukah.

18 - Friday -- It was finally the Winter Break from school (and two weeks off work for me) so we kicked it off with going to a drive through light display.

19 - Saturday -- Dave and I ran errands this morning and then we all walked 10km of errands in the afternoon.

20 - Sunday -- We spent all day getting ready to host our church's small group Channukah party over Zoom.

Dave frying latkes outside -- again!

21 - Monday -- I grocery shopped, I ran a couple of more errands, and then I collapsed into bed at 5pm.

22 - Tuesday -- I got all the things done at home this day, we enjoyed a physically distant (very small group) carol sing (with masks and outside) and then Rachel and I had a sleepover.

23 - Wednesday -- Rachel and I (with some help from Dave) spent the morning putting together a puzzle.

24 - Thursday -- We watched our church's Christmas Eve service and celebrated Jólabókaflóð.

Sam was in charge of the display for our snacks! 

25 - Friday -- It was a pretty good Christmas despite the fact we couldn't celebrate with anyone in person.

26 - Saturday -- We watched Home Alone as a family and Rachel and I did a puzzle in the morning.

27 - Sunday -- There were a few rough hours during the day as I processed the realization that our province is now in a second lock down but we did enjoy some physically distant tobogganing with friends in the afternoon.

28 - Monday -- We had a quiet day and then went to (a physically distant) Wonder of Winters to kick off our framily Christmas celebration. (Second sentence: Then we opened presents together over Zoom.)

29 - Tuesday -- Dave, Rachel, and I spent the afternoon creating a snowperson village and it brought a couple of hours of fun for all of us!

30 - Wednesday -- I grocery shopped in the afternoon and then bought more flowers than I had planned on later in the day.

And in the evening, the kids and I made cookies. Yum!!!

31- Thursday -- We had a celebratory supper of fried shrimp and Caesar salad, I worked out at 8pm, and we ate chips and dips at 10:30pm.


  1. Loved seeing all of your traditions here AND following along on Insta :)

  2. You had a good and full month! And one of these days I HAVE to try a hot chocolate bomb!

  3. How are your snowpeople holding up?

  4. I love this idea. I'm thinking of doing it this year too! Sounds like you did a lot of walking, which is great! That puzzle is so cute.

  5. Love your daily thoughts - what a festive month!

  6. You are making me want to find my griddle!!!
    That Christmas Tree delivery is awesome :)
    I love some puzzle doing during the holidays!

  7. Paige has the same unicorn pajamas as Rachel! It sure sounded like a busy and fun December even with all the restrictions!

  8. We just made some challah bread this week and it was a huge hit with the family! I just finished up a really tough puzzle today; it was shaped like a giant maple leaf and full of so many tiny details. Looks like you had a pretty good December despite a second lockdown.

  9. I had a chuckle at "the husbands joined in" for Book Club; did they join voluntarily or did we coerce them in?

  10. Love your family pjs. For 2 years now I have sworn I was going to get us some. In 2019, I had both of my daughters home for Christmas and wanted to do it then but we didn't. Then this year I thought of it too late to find matching pjs for just PC and me. NEXT YEAR for sure!!
    Your menorahs are beautiful. I have one, even though I am not Jewish. I like your candles, too. Mine are bright colors but I like the blue and white very much.
    We need Dave's latke recipe!! Would like to try to make them next year. Do you eat them with applesauce?

  11. I like those snowmen. Very creative! That's a cute tap dancing outfit. Lots of fun! Karen

    1. Thank you! The snowmen were totally inspired by a commercial we saw. I'm so happy they're still looking good.


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