Saturday, January 30, 2021

I Spy Photos: Week 4

It's Week 4 of the I Spy Photo Challenge, hosted by Lysha at A Camera And A Cookbook. I struggled with some of the prompts this week like "Different Angle." But I like a challenge and it was fun to have to think a bit more about some of the photos I was taking.

 Let's Play iSpy 2021


We opened up a new puzzle to celebrate Puzzle Day yesterday!

{different angle}

These tulips all grew down this week, so not only are they at a different angle, but I was basically lying on the floor to take this picture!

{before & after}

I didn't know how to show this in one picture so here is my "before" and "after" of last week's puzzle. And Dave eventually found the missing piece on our living room floor.

{fruit or veggie?}

Technically, tomatoes and avocados are both fruit but I'd rather make guacamole with them than cut them up and eat them on ice cream!



I realized after I'd taken this picture that I'd gone for a "different angle" of our backyard. Also, it looks so nice after a fresh snowfall.


  1. Your first puzzle piece photo is shot from a different angle too! Sometimes I think I spend too much time overthinking the prompts but if I just get out my camera and start shooting I usually realize it's not as hard as I thought.

    1. I know, once I started putting this post together I realized I had a bunch of "different angles" without even thinking about it.

  2. I love your before and after shot. Yes! It's going to be fun to see the different shots of our backyards through the year. Thanks for joining in!

  3. Fabulous photos! Love the tulip photo and fun before and after! Glad you found the missing puzzle piece!!
    I should make some guacamole! Our family loves avocados spread or sliced on a sandwich but somehow we never made guacamole.

    1. We just started making it a few weeks ago and now we can't get enough guacamole!

  4. Your flowers are always on point!

  5. Great photos, I especially love the puzzle!


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