Friday, December 06, 2019

#AMonthofFaves The 2019 Favorite Things Edition

Today's topic is all about our favourite things. I'm going to recap some of our family's favourite things from 2019. Just to warn you, it's a bit random!

Our favourite things to wear: We somehow ended up with a lot of matching family outfits this year. We enjoyed our moose pajamas...
... the Blue Jays' bunnyhugs ("hoodies" for those of you not from Saskatchewan) which we got as a giveaway on Sam's birthday...
...and the Yukon Built t-shirts we got on our road trip this summer.

Our two new favourite outdoor activities: Ice skating and bike riding. These were both new skills for our kids this year and we took advantage of that!

Our favourite place to go: We LOVED our road trip to the Yukon (to visit friends) and Alaska. It was so much fun to drive through northern Canada and see our friends.

Our favourite at home moments: We loved hanging out in our backyard, especially with our new table. We spent a lot of time reading, visiting, playing games, colouring, and eating at this table.

My and Dave's favourite kid milestone of the year: The kids have been mostly making their own lunches since the start of school in September. This is HUGE!!! (Even if I have no pictures of it.)

Sam's absolute favourite moment: My dad taught Sam to drive his truck this summer. Sam keeps, optimistically, asking us when he can drive again. PS. He's only 10 so this is a bit unusual :)

Our favourite more "local" things we did: We enjoyed a whole day at the Blue Jays' WinterFest, where Dave got to experience a "bucket list" moment. You can read more about WinterFest here and here. We also spent a day exploring the Distillery District and other unique spots in Toronto. You can read about that day here and here.

Our new favourite thing to do in our city: We love taking the ION, our new light rail transit. We try to take it as much as we can.

Our favourite pool thing to do: The pool we belong to introduced an "Aqua Fun" hour right after lunch. This was a HUGE hit, especially with Rachel, and especially when they did swim team.

Our favourite Canadian Moment: The Toronto Raptors won the NBA championship!!! We are not normally huge basketball fans but this was such a fun time! There is an area outside the Raptors' arena where fans gather to watch the game on a big screen. It's called Jurassic Park. When the Raptors' were in the finals, many cities across Canada set up local Jurassic Parks so we even watched one of the games at the Jurassic Park in our public square.

I think this captures some of our favourite things from 2019. It was a good year!

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  1. Bunnyhugs!!!!!! That is my new favorite word for hoodie. Also I know so little of basketball that I had no idea that the Raptors won the championship. Adam is really getting into the 76ers but I just can’t. It’s on the same level as baseball. I can go to the games, eat the food, drink the beer, and wear the clothes but I don’t follow or care. #footballforlife

  2. This is a really heart-warming post. I love that all your favorite things involved your family and being with your family and spending time with your family and dressing alike as a family! And good work getting your kids started early making their own lunches!

    1. I didn't even think of that, but yes, being with my family was pretty amazing this year :) And they've slipped on the lunches train a bit but we've had a few changes in schedule so I'm hoping they'll get back on track soon.

  3. This is so awesome - loved seeing your family year in review - and all the fun things you did.


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