Thursday, November 14, 2019

Summer Dreaming: Graffiti Alley And More

So on Monday, I took you halfway through our day of exploring Toronto from back in August. (If you missed it, you can read it here.) Today I'm taking you on the rest of our day so settle in because we still had a lot more to explore.
One thing I love about big cities is the funny, random things you see. This sign made me laugh so hard!
Another item on my list was the Half House. Yes, this is half a house. Toronto has a lot of side by side duplexes. For some reason, they had to take half this duplex down, but left the other half. It looks so odd.
This is a news truck crashing through the side of a news building. It's so random but so fun! (Did I mention, lots of interesting and odd things to see?).
 Graffiti Alley is a unique piece of Toronto. It's about a one kilometre stretch of an alley completely covered in graffiti. You can read more about it here.

 Can you spot Rachel in the picture above?!

This really is a piece of Toronto you need to experience in person. It was so cool.
Then we walked down the street to Fluevog Shoes and their "anti-gravity vault." This shoe store took over an old bank and decided to have some fun with the vault.
 We had the most fun taking pictures here :)
After the Vog Vault, we took the streetcar back to our car, and then drove to The Monkey's Paw. It is a rare book store which features the world's only Biblio-Mat. You pay $2 for a token, put it in, and get a random book in return. It was so fun! You can see it in action on my Instagram here.
These are some of my favourite days as a family -- exploring something unique and making memories. The best part is, I still have a whole list of ideas to do when we can take another day in Toronto like this!


  1. WHATT??? That bibliomat would be so fun!
    That half of a house is hilarious!!!
    That room would give me vertigo. I'm dizzy just looking at your pics!

  2. The biblio-mat is so fun! I guarantee I would not like the book it spits out for me but the concept is cool. :)

  3. What a fun day and a fun place! I want a book from the Bibliomat and I want to go to the anti gravity room. How cute of a name is Monkey Paw???? Oh and I really want to see inside that half house!!! So cool. I think they have a lot of those in New York!


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