Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Daily Photo: December 3 - 9, 2019

This week showed me that I really need a tripod if I want to continue to take pictures without a flash. I apologize in advance for all the blurriness but I really hated using the flash in some of this lighting.

December 3, 2019 -- We had a unique dinner of Kraft Dinner this night and for some reason Sam ended up with two forks. So he put them both to good use.

December 4, 2019 -- Rachel had a dance performance on the first weekend in December, and we had an ice storm, so I didn't actually get the Advent wreath made until this day. And then we had a classy dinner of grilled cheese by candlelight. (And the end result is a blurry photo.)

December 5, 2019 -- It was the kind of week where I baked challah for Friday night dinner on Thursday night. (I usually try to make it on Friday afternoon.)

December 6, 2019 -- If you read my blog post yesterday, you already know that Friday night was our neighbourhood Christmas party and tree pick up at our local park. I loved the park with all the Christmas trees leaning against other trees and the lights. (And where's that tripod again?!?!)

December 7, 2019 -- This is another picture of Rachel preparing to worship lead at church the next day. Can you even find her?!?! It's like "Where's Waldo?" Ha!

December 8, 2019 -- At church during Advent, we collect socks, hats, and mittens for a local community living complex. This was our full tree on the second Sunday in Advent.

December 9, 2019 -- We had a day of rain and above freezing temperatures. Thus our backyard looks like March this week, rather than December.

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  1. That bread looks AMAZING! And while I'm glad it isn't snowing in Texas I always enjoy a nice picture of Christmas lights and snow. Ha!


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