Monday, January 07, 2019

January goals

So in my #AMonthofFaves post on December 27, I said I would be attempting four big goals for the year and then posting monthly lists of smaller goals. So here are the things I'm hoping to be working on for January.

1) Refresh my resume

I have a three year general Arts degree with a major in English Literature. That really translates to, "I'm not qualified to do anything." Ha! However, I seem to have found my place in being an administrative assistant with a side of bookkeeping. That said, my current workplace is making some changes and that means my job is changing too. There is a possibility that I won't be working as many hours as I am now. While we don't depend on my income, the extra money is nice and we've sort of gotten used to it. Ha!

So with all that said, I want to update my resume so that if I need to start looking for more work/different work, I am ready. It shouldn't be too hard and is the first step in a much longer process. sigh.

2) Sort out our Tupperware containers.
All the clear (coloured) containers have issues with their lids.
And this isn't even all of them. Yikes.

The main issue with this is that we have some awesome Tupperware containers but their lids are getting wonky and don't fit well anymore. This means the containers are getting to be unusable which isn't great. I need to find a Tupperware representative and get new lids. Since Tupperware has a lifetime guarantee, this is a time investment but not a financial investment. Phew.

3) Read some books I actually own (or have borrowed from people).
In the picture on the left are the library books piles.
In the picture on the right is the pile I want to reduce.
I mentioned this on the blog last month, but I have a pile of books on my dresser which isn't library books. I want to focus on getting some books read off this pile. I have already started pulling aside some of these books as a potential TBR for the 24in48 readathon which is happening at the end of this month so that's exciting!

4) Clean out the basket on my plastic organizer.
This thing is getting out of control. Supposedly the brown basket has folders for everything to be stored neatly. Ha!

5) Deal with all the hand-me-downs in the basement.
I love that people give us hand-me-down clothes. I hate that I am bad at sorting them into the right boxes. I need to get on top of that again.

6)  Have some family games nights.
We have a lot of games.
If we do this, maybe we can get rid of some of the games we have outgrown, don't like, etc.

7) Get on top of Rachel's home reading and Sam's daily spelling.

Rachel is proficient enough at home reading that she could go through a book a night in both French and English. In the fall, we were going through a book every two weeks. I'd like to make home reading a priority every other night at least.

As for Sam's spelling, he gets a list of five words every night and then on Friday he has to spell ten of them correctly. This has been going on since about November. When I mentioned this goal, Dave's response was, "Sam has daily spelling words?!?!?!" Yeah, that's why this is a goal :)

8) Blog three times a week, including two (or three?) book reviews.

I already know I want to blog about Christmas and our New York trip last week. Dave's birthday is in a few weeks and the month ends with a big readathon. I should have lots to blog about this month.

9) Work on drinking more water.
And drinking less other stuff -- coffee hot chocolate, Coke, etc.

10) Figure out the kids' Valentine's Day cards.
The kids' Valentine's cards from last year.
Our kids make homemade Valentine's Day cards which is a lot of work. And I kind of hate Valentine's Day. Last year we had just gotten home from vacation and the Olympics were on and the kids had spelling tests and it all felt like rather a lot. If we can get some ideas and get started on the cards, this February may be less stressful. I hope.

So those are my January goals. Am I overly ambitious? Do you have any monthly goals for January?


  1. I love all these! They seem very manageable! (Or in theory anyway, right?) I JUST thought this morning that I better start thinking ahead to Valentine's Day! It is going to sneak right up on me before I realize it!!!

  2. I stopped doing monthly goals because they all seemed to be the same - exercise more, eat better, clean up, ha. I like that yours are really specific items - I think that's a lot easier to track and manage. Google ideas for homemade Valentine's - I've done easy printables several times haha.

  3. I read this whole post assuming these were YEARLY goals and thought "wow that's a lot for this year", and then finally read more carefully and realized it was for the MONTH. I mean, I guess it probably wouldn't take a year to go through your tupperware but that's totally something I'd put off doing for a whole year!

    1. Hi Natalie -- I'm belatedly catching up on some blog comments :) This reminds me that I called a Tupperware person and they haven't called me back yet so this might take me all year. Ugh.

  4. I like the picture of water, water, water, Coke! :)

    I'm going to try to read through the Bible...I didn't do it last year. We'll see. I follow a lady on a blog who read it eleven times last year.

  5. Whew, that's a lot of goals for one month! I love all the organizing/sorting goals; those are my favorite to accomplish. Your TBR pile continues to intimidate me. Are you sure you can't read the Jewish Children's Book of Why instead? The Children's book is only like 10 pages. :)


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