Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Weekend What

This past weekend was busy, but really fun. On Friday night, Dave and I had date night. We decided just to walk uptown and see what we could find. We browsed in a bookstore for a bit and then we picked up Starbucks.

Our city is currently building light rail transit. This means that some of our main streets are temporarily closed due to construction and about every week or so we need to find a new way to get places as different areas are blocked off. The main street for our uptown will be closed for nine months which is a little crazy. I really hope all the businesses survive.
There was a winter festival in our public square so we checked out some of the ice sculptures!
Then we finished off our evening with an exciting trip to Wal-Mart. We found this flavour of chip and Dave, who is normally up for anything, especially if it includes bacon, decided to pass. Why can't they make my favourite chips crisps from England -- roast beef and mustard? I have such fond memories of those.
Saturday morning we got a few things done around the house. I went to pick up some of our favourite sandwiches and checked out a new bakery. Since Dave LOVES croissants I decided to get some. Yum!
We then headed into Toronto. Sadly, the light bulb in my bedside lamp burned out last week. Since my lamp is from IKEA it only takes their bulbs. So off to IKEA we went.
We grabbed supper there. For some reason, I love IKEA garlic toast. It was so neat because Sam took charge of writing down our inventory and then, when we got to the self-serve area, he diligently found each aisle and bin number so we could pick up our items.
Besides a light bulb we also got a "night table" for Rachel (aka a plastic stool which is all that will fit in her room but she loves it so that's the main thing. You can just barely see it between her bed and her rocking chair in the picture on the left.), a new rug for our kitchen, and a new teapot. I wasn't looking for a new teapot but Rachel found it on one of the displays and said, "Mommy look! It's a beautiful teapot for you!" and it turns out she was right :)
Then we stopped briefly to visit some friends, eat some brownies, and plan a trip to the zoo in the next few weeks. Yay!

On Sunday morning we went to church and then we headed off to a Waterloo Siskins' game. Rachel walked all the way to the rec complex, where the game was, and back, which is a 5 kilometre (3 mile) walk there and back. I was really impressed with her. Sam walked all the way home so Dave and I are looking forward to a Chariot free future soon.
After the game there was a meet and greet with the players. Rachel was very brave and said, "Hi!" to a lot of them, and answered questions, but Sam was pretty shy. It was fun though.

Then we came home and made supper. I tried a new recipe, Broccoli Tots, which turned out really well. Rachel ate two of them so we'll call it a win. (Sam ate half of one, maybe, so we'll just ignore that.)
And then in the evening I went to book club. We read And The Birds Rained Down by Jocelyn Saucier. It was pretty good, although a little odd.

And that was the end of our weekend. We had some good family time. We got some things down. We just didn't have a lot of downtime. Maybe next weekend...


  1. Ice sculptures!?!?!?! IKEA!?!?!??! You had one of my favorite weekends!! Sigh of joy....

  2. What a great weekend! I love the ice sculptures. How cool is that? (I guess that goes literally and figuratively. lol) I've never been to IKEA, we don't have one here. I always hear great things about them.

  3. Looks like a full, busy weekend!!

    If you ever need anything from Ikea and don't want to make the trek seriously let me know! I'm not too far from the Burlington ikea (in the scheme of things!) and go usually every other month or so (if not more often) to pick up my sisters requests! I deliver! haha

  4. We have still never made it to Ikea!

    Those ice sculptures are super cool too. Hooray for date night!!

  5. Yay for date night. :)
    I'll have to look up broccoli tots...

  6. That's cool about the light rail transit but not so cool about the roads being shut down. I know we loved the light rail system in Charlotte which we would occasionally ride into the center city for fun events. It was affordable and fun to ride for the kids...especially Brody. I love ice sculptures. Why do they always make me feel all romantic...I must be thinking of a 1980-something cheesy movie or something. Haha! Hmmm, I didn't know Ikea lamps only took their special bulbs. Kind of a good thing I never bought one because it would now be a long drive to an Ikea since the only one close to us is back in Charlotte. Haha! I love the teapot Rachel picked out. And those hot dogs the kids were eating at the hockey game looked huge. :-) Please share the recipe for the broccoli tots...they look yummy. Kinda remind me of fried green tomatoes a little.

    (And I am just randomly trying to get caught up on your blog as much as possible so I am starting in March for now.)


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