Monday, March 21, 2016

Project 366: Days 72 Through 78

March 12, 2016 -- If I'd known how much walking we were going to be doing, I would have enjoyed sitting in these colourful chairs at the zoo a little!
March 13, 2016 -- While we were checking out the CANstruction structures, we shared this Cinnabon four ways. Yummmmm!
March 14, 2016 -- In celebration of Pi Day, we had (mini pies) tarts!
March 15, 2016 -- Time for a new bouquet of tulips!
March 16, 2016 -- The laundry had exploded all over the living room this day.
March 17, 2016 -- Rachel has inherited my excitement about decorating for holidays. (And my love of napkins! She wants "Easter napkins and a chocolate" in her Easter basket. Ha!)
March 18, 2016 -- Dave and I had a unique date night and went axe throwing with his co-workers.


  1. I could see some colorful chairs like that in your yard.

    Axe throwing....whaaattt?!?!

  2. I want one of each color of those chairs please...and it rainbow order of course! ;-) Cinnamon rolls and pie...yum!!! Poor tulips! I love that Miss Rachel loves decorating for holidays. She will make a great little hostess of her own house some day. Yikes, axe throwing. I could see that ending badly for Eddie and I. Haha!


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