Wednesday, March 09, 2016

"Ice Is Slippery!"

On Saturday we went skating at our public square for the first time this winter. And since we are such negligent Canadian parents, it was Miss Rachel's first time on skates ever. She did really well.
And Sam, despite declaring that "ice is slippery, Mommy!" improved quite a bit. It was maybe his third time on skates and he was doing quite well holding one of my or Dave's hands.
He and Dave even practiced for the next pairs figure skating championships! Ha ha ha!!!
And in case you want video evidence, I've included a few short ones below. Enjoy!


  1. My college roommate grew up in Pennsylvania and Connecticut, and I was so surprised to learn that ice skating for them was as common as roller skating was for us down South!

  2. Yay for ice skating! I am really wanting to redeem myself from the last time I tried to ice skate after too many years at the outdoor rink in Charlotte. It was a too warm night with puddles of water all over the rink and I was in terrible shape in December 2013. I am surprised I survived. Haha!


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