Friday, March 18, 2016

A Kudos To All You Working Parents Out There

This week has been our March Break. In anticipation we signed both of the kids ups for camps. Rachel was signed up for camp at her dance studio and Sam was signed up for a Lego camp. Sam has enjoyed going to his camp every day. It was especially exciting the day a storm trooper came to visit.
Thanks to a friend for taking this picture for me 
as I'd forgotten to bring either the camera or the iPad along this day.

Sadly, Rachel has been sick most of the week so has only spent two and a half days at her camp. It's been a frustrating week of juggling between Dave and I of "who has to be at work more urgently right now?" And quite honestly, I'm sick of it. And it has confirmed (yet again) that this gig of both Dave and I working full-time is not the right thing for our family at this time.

And since I know a lot of you who read my blog are in the same boat as we are (but for the long haul), it makes me admire you even more. I honestly don't know how you do it without losing your minds. And many of you have been doing this since your babies were little.

Our mantra lately has become "Six more months. Six more months." My job has brought so many good things our way, but we are definitely looking forward to when this season of our life is over and we can move on to the next one. So for those of you who are in these trenches long term, you have my prayers, my respect, and my admiration. Give yourselves a pat on the back -- you deserve it and more.


  1. Ahh, I so wish I could have the mantra of "six more months"... although that might make it worse because I'd be so anxious for the end to come. So maybe it's better that I've resigned myself to this being our situation for the long-term :) Hope Rachel feels better soon!

  2. The sick-juggling-act is the worst! Especially since now I have to take the vast majority of days since Adam can't. It's eternally frustrating!

  3. YES- juggling while sick is definitely the worst. Trying to decide whose job is more important/pressing- when really we both WANT to be home with Millie, but...ugh. It's tough.

  4. Boo, sorry that sickness threw everyone for a loop this week! Hang in there - you can make it those 6 more months!

  5. Hope everyone feels better soon. I think we're all ready for you to be back home soon. :)

  6. Oh no! I only work part time, but I know how hard the "who will go to work game" can be. It just stinks! Fortunately for us, we only have two days a week when it's a real problem. I'll be chanting along with you...six more months. =)

  7. As a working mom turned stay-at-home mom, I can agree wholeheartedly with this post. I saw myself in these trenches for the long term (or forever) so I am very thankful when the choice was kind of forced on me in 2014. While the financials may be difficult at times, the blessings have definitely far exceeded the difficulties. We could never work out a decent childcare arrangement between daycare and nannies, and it was so frustrating when I wanted us to be able to be there for our own kids. Sometimes it is good to see and experience both sides so that you can make a more "informed" choice, and it looks like this year has definitely done that for you. I know the countdown is on for this experience to end for you. I have plans in the works for a family business venture that will be a stay-at-home option for me and a "legacy" for our family. We are praying hard that it works out! :-)


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