Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ice, Death, And Resurrection: Our Easter Weekend

This past weekend was Easter and our weekend started off with a (slippery) bang as our area was encased in an ice storm. It meant that the kids had an extra day off school and no one's weekend started out as planned.
Tim, Janice, Tessa, and Willem came over to dye Easter Eggs with us and have a bit of a catch-up visit as they had just returned from holidays. The kids and I made the festive rice krispie squares above as a way to entertain ourselves on the ice day and they were the perfect treat to accompany egg dying.
On Friday evening, which was actually pretty treacherous as all the ice was falling off the trees, power lines, and stoplights, the kids and Dave came to work with me. Sam was happy to be "the boss's assistant," as he called it, and Rachel decorated pictures for my office. And Dave and I took some beautiful pictures of the sunset and the ice covered trees.
On Saturday, along with everyone else in our city, we ran about 10,000 errands. Seriously, it was over six hours of running errands, but the kids behaved beautifully and we got a lot done. And that evening Rachel and I tackled another Pinterest project and made an egg garland. It was quite easy to do and Rachel really enjoyed it.
Getting ready to string the eggs.
Our garland hanging in the dining room.
We got someone to take pictures of us after church on Sunday because we were all dressed up for Easter. It was a fun Sunday at church with an egg hunt for the kids, lots of great singing, and bell ringing. I LOVE celebrating Easter with my church family.
After church I took some pictures of stylish Rachel in her Easter finery.
It was a gorgeous afternoon so we headed outside as soon as possible after lunch. Rachel read and "relaxed," as she put it, I folded laundry and hung out sheets, Dave cleaned out the car, and Sam and Dave played baseball.
And we got the kids prepared to ride their bikes. I have a feeling this is the summer when both kids will learn to ride two wheelers. Heaven help us!
For our Easter dinner we had BBQd sausage (the first of the year - yay!), potato salad, and a delicious chickpea-feta salad. It was soooo good.
And that was our Good Friday-Easter weekend. I hope you all had good weekends too, no matter what the weather was doing in your part of the world.


  1. Looks/sounds like a great Easter! And now I want rice krispie treats...

  2. Looks like a perfect Easter weekend...aside from the ice storm at the beginning. I know too well how cold and dangerous those can be. I love the Easter decorations and Easter finery. Is that a matching dress I spy on Funny Bunny? And I just love perfect afternoons outside like that. Evan actually still doesn't love riding his bike without training wheels and prefers his scooter instead. Sigh. Brody just started liking to ride the smaller bike with training wheels and loves it. Maybe he will be our bike rider. Of course, then we went and bought him a scooter for his birthday so who knows. Ha!


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