Wednesday, March 02, 2016

March Goals

1) Get a small side table for beside my chair. After spending many hours reading in my chair in February, I realized this is a sorely lacking item. I want to be able to put my cup down without having to move. Ha! (This is a little bit of a "cheat" goal because I had planned to do this in March and then we went to IKEA on Saturday. I think you can see where this is going...)
2) Go see Canstruction. Because we were gone last year over Canstruction, it's been two years since we've been able to check it out. It's so much fun so I want to make sure we get there this year.
3) Drink more water. Drink less caffeine. I want my FitBit water tracker to show that I drank three bottles (just over two litres) of water a day. I can do this.

4) Plan Sam's birthday party. Our Sam-Sam-Sam is turning SEVEN (gasp! How is this possible?!?!?) at the end of the month and, even though his party won't be until April, I want to get it figured out soon.
5) Fix Rachel's necklace. Or throw it out. I've had one of her broken necklaces sitting on my desk since September. It's (way past) time to deal with it.

6) File our taxes. We should have all the paperwork in the next week or so. Even though our deadline isn't until the end of April, if we file now, we're better off. Right? Right.

7) Bake buns. I haven't baked buns yet this year and it's time.
8) Don't eat out as much. Sadly, we're eating out about three-four times a week (thanks two people working job schedule) and I'm getting a little tired of it. I need to find more quick meals to make so we're not tempted to eat out so often.

10) Get our blog redesigned. I have some ideas for this...

11) Start working on our gallery wall. We got our family pictures done in the fall and I want to create a wall with those photos.
I have a feeling March is going to be full...


  1. That's a lot of projects! Good luck--I know you can do it!

    I've been adding lime to my water lately, and that makes it go a lot faster. (I still drink my fair share of caffeine too, though--ha!) Let me know if you want to chat quick meals. That was always a struggle for us too!

  2. I love a good list! That's a lofty and ambitious list, but I have complete and total faith you can accomplish most...all of it. And most of it sounds pretty fun so that helps, right? Except maybe the taxes one. Haha! I let Eddie handle that one.


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