Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sam Is Seven!

Dear Sam,

I can't believe it but seven years ago today you were born. We were expecting you but you still managed to take us by surprise :) It has been amazing to have a front row seat to your past seven years.
I love how caring, kind, and compassionate you are. I love how kids yell, "Sam!!!" when we walk onto the schoolyard. They are excited to see you and I love that. It tells me you are a good friend.
I love that you LOVE reading. I love being able to share books with you and I love seeing you open up new worlds. You are very curious and books teach you about so many things. (I don't love when I go to bed at 10:30 or 11 at night and you are still reading, however!)
And this year it's been really fun to watch you discover baseball. You just love it and it's all about the baseball around here. You've even made up a baseball diamond in the basement for the "Car Baseball" game you invented :)
You've also really discovered board games this year. You especially love the Baseball Monopoly Daddy made you for Christmas and Risk, all played according to your rules, of course!
And as always, I love how sweet, kind, and gentle you are with Rachel. Even though you are an introvert, you set that aside for her and she is always included in your games when you have friends over. You two rarely fight and I just love how much you love each other.
You aren't perfect Sam. You love playing iPad a little too much (!!!), and as Daddy puts it, a glacier could beat you getting ready in the mornings some days, but we wouldn't change a thing about you.
I hope you have the happiest seventh birthday and I can't wait to see the new things you will learn about, grow to love, and experience this year.

I love you Sam-Sam-Sam!


  1. Happy 7th birthday, Sam! Hope you have a fun day!

  2. Sweet post! Obviously my children will never get this old, but this reminds me that if they do, there will be all sorts of fun, new things about their personalities I will have learned by then!

  3. Happy birthday to Sam! He seems like such a cool kid. :D

  4. That first picture cracks me cute! :)
    I glad Sam likes baseball. Maybe he will play one day...or perhaps even own his own team.
    And I'm also really glad he is a reader.

  5. I love this post. It always affirms how much Sam and Evan are alike. We miss getting to celebrate the boys' birthdays together again, and I think we need to work that out to make it a yearly tradition. Haha! Sam, we have definitely enjoyed watching you become such a big boy this year as you developed your love of reading, baseball, and board games. I also love what a great big brother you are...that really melts my heart watching my own kids develop a real love for one another. :-)


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