Friday, May 15, 2015

This Week...

This week will not go down in the books as my favourite week ever. In my small, me-focused world, I have been fighting a nasty cold all week. Everyone else in my family had the stomach flu, and lucky Rachel has had two rounds of it. I have left the house exactly twice in the past seven days, and so this morning, when I discovered we'd be staying home yet again today, my extroverted self had a bit of a meltdown. I'm just so tired of it all -- the sickness, the endless videos, the endless meltdowns, and the endless loads of laundry.

This week I also found out that tragedy struck twice, in the form of untimely death. It didn't happen to me, and it didn't even happen to people who are close to me, but it happened to people who my friends have connections with. These two incidences are reminding me that my small problems are just that... small. While they loom large in my mental space right now, by next week, next month, we will be through this and our lives will continue as normal.

Not everyone has that luxury, and this week has, once again, reminded me of that.

We all know people who are suffering. Take some time today to say some extra prayers for them. I will be making time for that today in the midst of folding laundry and watching Max And Ruby with Miss Rachel.

And hopefully, next week when I'm back in the middle of normal life,  I will remember to be so thankful for it, when so many people would give almost anything to be there too.


  1. I'm sorry yall have had such a sucky week, but I like your perspective. It can definitely help you feel a little less whine-y about the (relatively) small stuff. Hope yall all feel better soon, though!

  2. Yes, definitely a good perspective! But your hard is still definitely hard and I hope it gets less hard sooner rather than later :o/

  3. Before dealing with the stomach flu this week I also had that awful (and I mean AWFUL) cold last week. I've had a great two weeks!

    Perspective IS good, but sometimes you DO need a little self pity. I think my perspective this week was the fact that at least I had my own home and my own toilet to be sick in, with a mom to bring me gatorade and popsicles as opposed to living in a hospital facility for months on end with a toilet that only has a sensor as a flusher which means flushing after puking would be way harder, and that the toilet may flush at the wrong time splashing things up in your face. It's the little things!!

    Sending healthy vibes your way!!

  4. I'm so sorry that you've had a rough week. =(

  5. Well, I am more of an introvert than you, and I would hate a week of staying cooped up inside with the sickies! I hope next week is much better for you all. It is good to put things in perspective, and death and loss are definitely the hardest, but I am very sorry you had a rough week. It is Spring and time for you all to get rid of those sick germs once and for all! :-)

  6. Bless your heart--praying for you and yours!


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