Thursday, May 28, 2015

The End Of An Era

Yesterday was Rachel's last day of preschool. Ever. It was also the end of our family's three year at this school. A lot of that time, it was a great place for us to be. And Rachel learned so much. I can't believe how much she has changed, even in the past few months.
Miss Rachel can be a bit of a ham, when she chooses!
Here is Rachel with her teachers from this year. The one teacher was there all year, and the other teacher was there for about half the year.
And here is Rachel with some of her friends. Unfortunately, her closest friend in her class left the preschool in April :( However, you may have seen B on the blog here a time or two.
And here is Rachel at the end of last year, and the end of this year. Even though you can't really see it in this picture, I can't believe how much her writing of her name has changed. And how much she LOVES to write it. Everywhere!
And one more comparison -- the beginning and end of this year!
Farewell Preschool! 


  1. Tomorrow is Mackaylan's last day of school. I am glad that I saw this post so I would remember to snap a pic or two. :) Lana

  2. She looked too cute on her last day! Here's to a great summer!

  3. Precious!! I'm sorry her preschool career ended on such a tough note (well, for the grown-ups, anyway)...but glad she was still able to enjoy her experience and learn a lot!

  4. She grew so much! The next era will be great, I'm sure.

  5. Maybe it's the hair, but she really looks so different! I know it wasn't under the most perfect circumstances that this is the end for both of you, but sometimes moving on is a good thing. I miss some things about Brody's old preschool where Evan also went when he was four, but this past year was not the best of his years there since he was put into a class with none of his old friends. It takes him a long time to build friendships, and he never really adapted to the friends in his new class. He had only just begun to make friends with the kids in previous class after being together for two years. Now, I just have to find a decent preschool for him for this year. Oh how I wish our state was better about offering four year preschool/kindergarten to everyone so I didn't have to go through this process. Sigh.


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