Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Rachel Goes To Kindergarten: A Preview

This post is coming a little later than I wanted it to. While I was writing it, Rachel threw up. Sadly, she was playing iPad on the futon at the time, so there was a lot to clean up, including the iPad :(

Last week Rachel got to go to Kindergarten. She was thrilled, even if it was only for an hour, and a preview for next year. Since she's spent some time in Sam's classroom while I serve pizza, she was already pretty used to the routine. And what was lovely to see is that the teachers already know her.
Rachel just jumped in and started playing, and since Dave and I are going through this for the second time, we had way fewer questions, and I could just enjoy and take some pictures. Although I did get a little teary eyed a few times. sniff.

I especially love these pictures of Miss Rachel blowing bubbles outside of her new school.
We are both excited and ready for this change and it is so reassuring to know that she will be just fine. See you in September Kindergarten! We can't wait :)


  1. ahhhh sweet girl! Love those pictures, and can't believe she's already this grown up!! :) How exciting for all of you...a new milestone!

  2. So cute!!! She is so grown!

  3. Looks like she's going to do great next year!

  4. It's hard to believe that our babies are so grown up!! Rachel looks like she is going to take on school like a champ.

  5. Oh, Miss Rachel (and her pal Brody) are growing up so fast! I know she will love her new school and being close to big brother too. Brody won't go to Evan's school until 5 year kindergarten, but I think we found him a preschool here although he may not go 5 days yet. Oh well, I will just enjoy having him home a few days with me. :-)


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