Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sam And Rachel's Point Of View

Today was going to be the day that I told you all about our glorious, postponed, Mother's Day celebration. Saturday was a good day (some of which I'll tell you about later this week), and I went to bed that night, ready to lead worship on Sunday morning and then spend the rest of the day celebrating. Dave had worked hard to plan for the day, including taking the kids grocery shopping for our special Mother's Day supper. But...

You knew there was a "but" didn't you? Because you're intuitive like that. Yeah, but...

...I woke up Sunday morning with the gift which just keeps on giving in our house, the stomach flu. After throwing up a few times, I determined I wasn't able bodied enough to lead worship, and found someone who could step in for me.

At this point, I will just take a few sentences to describe what leading worship entails at our church. You get a theme for the service, including the scripture readings, and then you consult with the preacher to see what their focus is going to be. Then you come up with the order of the service, including picking the hymns, a call to worship, an offering prayer, and a benediction. Then you find someone to tell the children's story and read the scripture readings. The song leader and pianist are already chosen for each week but you do need to communicate with them as to what hymns you have chosen.

Then on Sunday morning, you lead the congregation through the service. Since I had already done all the preliminary work, and written out all the words to join the various parts of worship together, I just needed to find someone who could read what I had written and lead the service. I did that and crawled back into bed.

And then I slept pretty much straight through until the next morning, except when I was awake to throw up or to drink a little bit of water or ginger ale. It was a beautiful day.

Thankfully, yesterday was a holiday (Victoria Day), and Dave was off work so I could spend the morning recuperating. We managed a quick trip to a garden centre for more flowers (such a shame -- needing to get more flowers!), and then a quick visit with Tim and Janice. And now this morning I am feeling better enough to get on with life and, honestly, also to be resentful that I spent two-thirds of the first long weekend of summer too sick to enjoy it. Blah.

I was going to share this post next week but since my long weekend plans did not go as anticipated, you get it today. On Friday night, the kids took the camera along as we did the flyer route. It's so intriguing to me what they picked up on. First up, pictures around our yard:
Along the flyer route:
Left: Our garbage and recycling day was on Friday, 
so this is a close up of an empty recycling bin.
Sam wanted to be sure to get a picture of this Canadian flag.
Your flyers are delivered!
Family photo by Sam
Family photo by Rachel
So there you have it, our flyer route from Sam and Rachel's point of view.


  1. I'm sorry that you all have been so sick lately. That's just no fun at all. I love that Sam and Rachel took lots of pictures of flowers. Mama has taught them well. =)

  2. Ugh- I'm sorry you've been so sick- all of you!!! THat is miserable!! I love the kids' perspective of your walk!!!

  3. You poor thing! But I love the pictures from Sam and Rachel. (Those are my faves on my phone too.) And your flowers are beautiful.

  4. Feeling your sick pain. Ugh! As the rec therapist at work said to me "some people pay good money for a purge like that you know!"

    I hope it's gone for good this time!

  5. Ugh to being sick! Glad you are feeling better now! I love Rachel's and Sam's photography skills and the glimpse at life from their perspectives. I need to let Evan and Brody have some freedom with the camera. ;-)


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