Monday, May 11, 2015

May Brings So Much To Celebrate

I know, I know -- you're all expecting a Mother's Day post today but I'm switching things up a bit. That's mostly because both kids had the stomach flu this past weekend and so yesterday, on Mother's Day, I was exhausted and we couldn't go anywhere. So, in our family's typical fashion (see here, here, and here for examples!), we are postponing Mother's Day until next weekend when hopefully we'll all have recovered from this weekend.
Last week was a very celebratory week. First up, we had Cinco De Mayo. We don't do a lot for this holiday except use it as an excuse to eat yummy Mexican food off of colourful dishes :) I made a new recipe (mini pepper nachos with black beans, corn, and avocados) which was delicious!
We were going to have rainbow sherbert-Sprite floats for dessert but two unnamed someones didn't eat their supper very well so we skipped dessert. And I'm sad to say that almost a week later, we still haven't had our floats :(

And then on Wednesday, I celebrated my last Mother's Day Tea with Rachel at her preschool. This has been a staple for the past three years and I will miss it next year. (Sidenote: Sam's school doesn't so anything to celebrate Mother's or Father's Day due to it being a painful holiday for kids who don't have one of those parents. I respect that, but it means I don't get cute crafts from Sam anymore.)
All the other moms thought it was adorable that Rachel said I was her best friend but it totally made me laugh because she always says, "Daddy is my best friend EVER!" which is true and I don't mind because it means she always picks Dave to help her in the bathroom or put her to bed :)
The kids sang two songs and made their moms a necklace. It was very sweet, and you all know how much I love necklaces :)

So that's just a little of what we've already celebrated in May. And today I am celebrating that we are all healthy (prayers said, fingers crossed), and that life is back to normal. Which means a lot more leaving the house and a lot less changing the bedding. Yay!


  1. Those pepper nachos look delicious!!! What is the dish in the picture below (also looks Mexican and like something I should be making once Whole30 is over...)? What a fun little tea!

  2. well I'm sorry for the stomach flu - that is NO GOOD!!! And I'm sad you won't get cute crafts anymore! What a tough place all the schools are in, trying to find the balance between celebrating and not offending. Good thing you have Dave, because he's just good like that and I'm sure will pitch in! :)

  3. Oh man - I seriously must have had that same flu yesterday. It was KILLER. Hoping that you and Dave remain spared from it!

  4. Yikes! Jason has been sick too. Hope you feel better.

  5. I'm so sorry about the stomach flu. That is no fun at all. I love the Mother's Day tea. It's so cute!

  6. I love your festive Cinco de Mayo table and the yummy looking Mexican dish. Unfortunately, we had a ball game that night and had to grab a quick dinner on the go, but we did eat a Moe's Southwest Grill for a somewhat Mexican themed dinner. And I really miss the Mother's Day celebrations at Evan's and Brody's old preschool. I hope we get to participate in this next year at Brody's new preschool. I love Miss Rachel's big hairbow do! :-)


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