Friday, January 24, 2014

Winning At Whining

This is not the blog post I was going to write for today. (I'm writing this at 9pm on Thursday evening, by the way.) I was going to write a post telling you how excited I was about this coming weekend and maybe telling you about the cool date experience Dave and I had on Wednesday night. Instead you get this...

Rachel has been sick since Sunday night. The first two days were okay. It was super-cold out, and Sam was tired, so I kept him home from school and the kids played and I did laundry and tried to help Rachel feel better as much as possible. She had what I thought was a cold. A bad one with lots of coughing, but a cold nonetheless.

Then she coughed through most of Tuesday night and pretty much ALL DAY on Wednesday. Except for the two hours where she napped (which she hasn't done in about a month), and even then she woke up in the middle of it with a coughing fit. And a couple of times she coughed until she threw up which was pleasant.

Wednesday night Dave and I were supposed to go on a date. We'd been invited to the symphony's New Subscribers Event because we bought an entire series of concert tickets for the first time ever this year. We were going to get a tour of backstage and then get treated to a small concert while we were Sitting. On. The. Stage. It sounded amazing. And there was going to be food.

However with Rachel coughing so much I didn't want to leave her with a babysitter. So we cancelled. But I was really disappointed to miss this once in a lifetime experience.

And then on Wednesday night I got sick. And Rachel was up about every two hours coughing and crying. So yesterday I was talking to Janice and she suggested we might want to get Rachel checked out because it sounded more serious than a bad cold. So Dave took Rachel to the doctor and she was diagnosed with a "mild case of the flu." I'm glad it's not something really serious but it just sucks. And I'm praying that my current cold doesn't turn into the flu but given how many times Rachel has coughed on me, I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

So instead of getting ready for our church's weekend retreat, planning on a fun family weekend getaway in the snow and great conversations with other people from church, I'm trying to muster the energy to get out of bed. And I'm lamenting the fact that we had less than a month of our whole family being healthy, and I'm really hoping Rachel gets some good sleep (because then Dave and I will get some sleep) and I'm thankful that Dave is healthy so he can take care of us. And I'm hoping I'll be able to leave the house today. I haven't gone anywhere since Sunday night and I'm starting to feel A LOT housebound.

To end this really whiny post I'm going to leave you with something Rachel has been saying to Dave lately that I find really funny. "I'm the king of the castle, you're the dirty rascal. Take a bath, Daddy!" At least there's always usually something to laugh about.

So come back on Monday when you will find a blog post about the awesome ways we managed to salvage this weekend and have a ton of fun, despite half of us being sick. (And if you have any ideas about how we can do that, please let me know. Between trying to breathe and blowing my nose I'm a little preoccupied right now to come up with good ideas.)


  1. Ugh, yuck!!! Sorry yall are in such bad shape! And that date would have been awesome... :(

  2. Oh Natasha!! My heart is breaking for you! Being sick is yucky enough. Being sick and canceling what you wanted to do is so much worse. I'm so proud of your positive attitude!! I can learn from you.

    Found a couple sites with sick day ideas:


    1. Bekah -- Thank you for the links and for the support. I really appreciate it. I don't feel like I had a positive attitude but maybe I was able to keep some of it off the blog :)

  3. That stinks! I hate those weeks, and I especially hate them when they mean missing out on fun stuff :( hope everyone feels better soon!!

  4. Sounds like some good old stay in bed and catch up on reading days to me. We aren't sick around here thankfully, but my sinuses have been killing me and making me all stuffy and difficult to breathe thanks to the cold dry air and indoor heat at night. Brody has had a little "upset stomach" lately that has been so pleasant...haha! Evan was doing good although last night at my parents' he woke up complaining of being hot and that he didn't feel well and them ran to the bathroom. He didn't seem feverish and has been fine since so I hope it was just a case of him overheating as he was sleeping on the couch under a very thick blanket. Anyway, I feel you on the joys of sickness ruining our plans! Hope you are finding a way to salvage the weekend the best you can!

  5. I remember one time when Lance was a small baby and had a bad cold. We set up the cool mist humidifier and all three of us camped out in the nursery with the door closed....he, he. We made the best of it though. Hope you all feel better soon.

  6. Aw, we have been fighting the crud, too! Hope this next week is a good one for both of us!


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