Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Things I Learned Yesterday...

1) My passport expires in May. And we're going to New Zealand in April. Yikes :() Good thing Rachel was playing with our passports which led me to this discovery.

2) We still have 53 days left until Spring. I. May. Not. Make. It.

3) In theory, sitting down together as a family at 7:30am for breakfast is a good idea. In reality, I am still not a morning person. Nor is my stomach.

4) You should definitely read, "Where'd You Go, Bernadette" by Maria Semple. You should not start reading it at 11 at night if you need to function the next day.

5) I have the best husband in the world. When he got home yesterday, knowing that I had had a rough day, he sent me off by myself for the evening. To do whatever I wanted to do. By myself. Did I mention Best. Husband. Ever.

6) Old Navy sells jewelry. Like necklaces! Why has no one shared this with me before???

7) Rachel will eventually learn how to have quiet time in her room. She stayed in there for an hour and a half on Monday. (This has been a struggle for me because, when Sam gave up his nap, he still had a couple of hours of "quiet time" in his room. He loved it and so did I. It was a good transition between napping and not napping for both of us. Rachel has been struggling with it more. To me, ten minutes does not constitute a good quiet time.)

and last, but not least,

8) If a cucumber tastes like it might be off, maybe it actually is, and I shouldn't keep eating it.

If any of these were revelations for you too, I'm glad I discovered them first and was able to share them with you, because they weren't all such pleasant discoveries. Especially the cucumber.

Also, my grandma turns 90 today. She is my last living grandparent and I wish I could go to Saskatchewan and celebrate with her. Happy Birthday Grandma!!! (Because she'll totally appreciate a blog shout-out. Ha!)
Grandma laughing at her crazy great-grandchildren.
July 2013


  1. I'm right there with you in not making it til spring. I felt that today, when it was MINUS ONE, and I thought "MAN it's warm today!" that I had fallen off the deep end of craziness. MINUS ONE IS NOT WARM!!!!!!!!!! NINETY IS WARM!!!!!!

    It's possible I need more coffee - I should go drink some before you defriend me. :)

    1. Ha ha ha! You make me laugh :) I wouldn't defriend you -- I am also suffering from an overload of Winter!

  2. 2. I reallllllllllly don't think I'm going to make it!

    Happy birthday to your grandma!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Grandma! And yes, stay away from those kinds of cucumbers!!! hee hee. I am so ready for spring too! We've had little teasers the last couple of weekends. It's been close to 70! But by the following Monday, we are back in the single digits. We just don't usually have winters like this in OK. I can only imagine how bad it is for ya'll, if we are having it this bad.

    Karsyn is trying to give up her naps too! I'm not quite ready for it either. Most days, I still feel like she needs one. I can't believe we are to the stage where will have no nappers. Hopefully that will soon be followed by having no kiddos in diapers. I am so ready for that!

  4. My grandmother turns 90 next week!!! I loved Bernadette, too, glad you enjoyed it!! And...yikes about the cucumber.

  5. Hilarious :) (O.k..maybe not the cucumber part). I will not look up that book tonight....haha :) We had our 1 inch of snow, now I am ready for spring as well!! If you figure out how to keep Rachel in her room for quiet time, let me know!!! Lincoln is outgrowing his nap (although I am stubbornly refusing to admit it!!) He will stay in his room for 1.2 seconds and then tell me he is done. He will randomly fall asleep on the floor here and there still....but nap is heading out the door. Sniff :( Sob :( Kate, like Sam, is a GREAT "stay in your room and have quiet time" person. Must be a first-born trait! I don't even HAVE a passport! I probably need to get one in order to visit you someday!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your grandma! Want to hear something weird? My aunt called me yesterday and reminded me that the 29th was Omi's birthday. She would have been 100 this year. So something else we have in common. :-)


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