Wednesday, January 22, 2014

All About Rachel, The First Edition

When I did this quiz with Sam last week, I realized that Rachel was close to the age Sam was when I first started it with him. So I decided to try. Again, her answers are only edited for clarity.
What is your name? Um... Rachel
How old are you? Um... two
What is your favourite colour? yellow
Who is your best friend? Tracey (her preschool teacher), Sam, Tessa
What is your favourite animal? Turtle (This one really surprised me because I think it's actually an owl.)
What is your favourite movie? Clifford (A video we have with eight short features.)
What is your favourite book? "Bunny!" (I Am A Bunny by Ole Risom, illustrated by Richard Scarry)
What is your favourite food? Ketchup
What is your favourite song? B-C-D-F-G (The Alphabet Song)
What makes you happy? Hiding Funny Bunny
What makes you sad? When I fall down
What is your favourite game? Hide and Seek
Can you write your name for me?
rlrtttt (She typed this herself!)

And that is everything you ever wanted to know about Rachel :)

PS. If you could say some prayers on Rachel's behalf, I would really appreciate it. She has a horrible cold right now and she's already coughed so hard this morning that she's thrown up twice :( I just want her to feel better. Thank you.


  1. Awww..poor sweet girl!! I love her answers. Does she eat ketchup on everything? She must be so happy to be a Canadian with easy access to ketchup chips!!

  2. Too cute! Praying that your sweet girl feels well soon!!

  3. Sweet girl and smart answers for a two year old. So funny that her favorite food was ketchup. I don't think I could get many answers for this out of Brody. He won't even say his own name...just "me". Ha! Evan never has used ketchup or any condiments but lately he wants hot sauce on everything. Have you ever seen that commercial for Frank's Red Hot. If not, Google it. It totally reminds me of Evan. :-)


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