Friday, January 10, 2014

Some Days I'd Be Better Off Not Blogging

My friend Erika asked her readers what features increased their enjoyment of a blog and what they disliked about blogs. And then she posted all 61 responses. And then, because I enjoy this kind of stuff, I read all the responses. And even though I know that, at least for some of those 61 readers, a picture-less, laundry list, post is annoying as all get out, that's what you get today.

After the stress of sickness sweeping through our house in December, and being gone for a week, and then the excitement of Christmas, and then the craziness of our weather, the past two days have been a return to normal life. And quite honestly, normal life is kicking my butt. I'm not used to it anymore. I'm used to lazy days of no one getting dressed and the kids playing nicely together (about 98% of the time), and having a couple of hours to drink my pot of morning tea. The past two days I've grocery shopping, bought fleece to sew Sam and Rachel some patriotic pjs, dropped things off at the thrift store, helped the rest of my family get haircuts, helped prepare food for a funeral at church, met my cousin's almost five month old baby (who was born at 29 weeks, 5days, and is absolutely adorable), visited with Donny, and ferried Sam to school and Rachel to preschool. I'm done. Plus you know, I've also done dishes, cooked meals (which only Dave and I seem to enjoy - blah), and all the regular things of life.

Today I am looking forward to a quieter day at home with Rachel. I'm going to do laundry, drink my pot of tea, and look forward to an evening of Sew Be It. Sew Be It started as a monthly evening of women* getting together at our church to work on their unfinished projects. It's evolved into a core group of women who sometimes work on their projects, always enjoy good food, and definitely have life-changing conversations. I absolutely love it and look forward to it every month.

This weekend I'm excited about warmer weather (Yay for a 47C degree temperature change in five days! Yes, you read that correctly.), a Kinderconcert, and celebrating a friend's birthday with her.

And hopefully on Monday I'll have something more interesting to share with you all. Until then, thanks for hanging in there with me. What are you looking forward to this weekend?

*Sew Be It is not necessarily limited to women but men never show up. Also, I rarely sew at Sew Be It. Tonight I'm planning on fixing Dave's backpack, sewing some beads on my new glittery shirt, and working on Thank You cards from when we moved. One of my friend's, who is a teacher, often brings her marking. It's really flexible :)


  1. I get why people hate pictureless posts but I enjoyed yours! :) I am so with you on routine. It's a love/hate. I feel better in a real life routine - but oh how I miss naps and sleeping in and taking random breaks whenever I feel like it....

    1. Thanks! I agree that I do much better when I am in a good routine but man! These post-holiday weeks have been hitting me hard. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one.

  2. Ugh-- I hate when it feels like 'normal' life kicks my butt!!! Hope you have a relaxing and fun weekend!

  3. Oh my! I have felt the same way and have been dragging all week. In two weeks, I forgot just how busy that we stay.

  4. The title of this post pretty much sums up my month. Thus the limited number of posts from me. I am sure I will get out of my funk one of these days and have more to say. I've had moments where I wanted to write about something and just no time to actually do it. Sigh.


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