Thursday, January 09, 2014

Why I Won't Be Pursuing A Career As A Foot Photographer

The theme of this Christmas, for me at least, was feet. It was very random but many of my Christmas gifts focused on my feet.

First of all, on Christmas Eve, our neighbour dropped off some handmade gifts for our family. I got these slippers. They are exactly like the ones my grandma used to knit for me when I was little. I LOVE these ones, especially the fact that they have pompoms!
Let me just add that I definitely don't have a career in foot photography. I took about fifty pictures and these are the only two I'm willing to post. And that's only because I wanted to show off my awesome footwear in action.

As I may have already mentioned, "Dave" bought me some new nail polish for my stocking. "Dave" is in quotes because, about five days before Christmas I realized that Dave and I needed things for our stockings and then we each bought our our own presents. At least we each ended up with what we wanted :)

And then I got an awesome gift from a friend at church and it included some sparkly nail polish which I quickly added to my pedicure. I LOVE sparkly toes!!! Although you can't really see them in this picture. Did I mention that whole foot photography not being a viable career thing?
My parents give us a Christmas cheque instead of gifts. I didn't know what I wanted to spend my money on and then I walked into a store which was having an AMAZING sale on footwear. I got a new pair of running shoes AND a new pair of waterproof sandals and still have half my Christmas money left to spend. Yay for sales! And yay for new running shoes. I think my former pair was more than fifteen years old. That either says a lot for the quality of those shoes or how little I used them. I'm going with the first option :)

The best thing about my new running shoes (besides the colours, which might have been why they were on sale! Ha ha ha!) is that they are super-light so I will probably be able to run forever because it feels like I'm not wearing anything on my feet. I'll let you know if they work that way...


  1. It's too bad...I hear foot photography is a really lucrative career option. Then on your reality TV show profile you could list "FOOT PHOTOGRAPHER" as your occupation. ;) PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Love the bright new running shoes! I think bright shoes help you run WAY faster, so have fun doing your 20 miles today!!!

  2. I am forever taking pictures of my feet! Love your new shoes and polish, and I kept buying myself stocking stuffers as well. :P

  3. Yay for running shoes! FYI - make sure you keep your toe nails trimmed back....I mean way back! I lost half a toe nail on one of my big toes last summer because mine were too long. : )

  4. 15 year old running shoes!?!?! Maybe it's just the kinesiology major in me... but I secretly want to beat people over the head for working out in crappy running shoes - their value and importance is extremely underestimated! Although I probably have too many pairs (But like to convince myself there is no such thing). Some girls collect flats and heels, I collect running shoes :)

    1. I really should take better care of my feet so you probably should beat me over the head!


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