Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week In The Life -- Tuesday

Yesterday morning I woke up at 6:30 so I could get laundry going. I then went back to bed for a bit, which wasn't my original plan but I was really tired.. I woke up again around 7:30 and got another load of laundry going. Since it was nice out yesterday, I wanted to take advantage of the weather and hang the laundry outside. Dave took a picture of my awesome laundry hanging attire: Bogs, pjs, Dave's fleece and a hat and mitts, and a clothespin hanging out of my mouth. Ha ha ha!!! We all ate breakfast, got dressed and headed out the door to get Sam to school.
Then Rachel and I headed out to Bible Study, after dropping off books and videos at the library. We are doing "Becoming a Woman of Simplicity" by Cynthia Heald and today was all about life is short and are we living it wisely? Also, are we fully present in our lives? It was a lesson which really spoke to me today.
After Bible Study, Rachel and I stopped at Michael's to get more stuff for the Chanukah banner I'm making. We had 50% off coupons this week for different days so I couldn't just get everything all at once. Rachel only broke one ornament while we were there so I considered it a success. sigh. (Why do stores hang breakables at toddler level? Why???)
Rachel ate lunch while I worked on the Chanukah banner. Trust me, this banner is not going to be all that amazing -- just slightly time consuming :)
Before I put her down for nap, Rachel and I had a brief tea party. It was lovely. I rocked Rachel and then I did some tidying, perused Pinterest to look for some interesting wreaths to (attempt to) make, read some blogs, swept the floor, brought in some laundry and rearranged some flowers. Oh, I also ate a little bit of lunch, but not very much.
I woke Rachel up at 3 and we picked Sam up from school. I can't remember what I did between getting home from picking up Sam and when Dave got home. I know I brought in some more laundry and made Rachel some toast and worked on the banner some more but that didn't take up all the time. Hmmmm...
When Dave got home I went to the gym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! True confession time: my last gym visit was on June 24. Booooooo :( However I went back today and am determined to keep going this time. If I can't commit to two-three times a week regularly, I'm going to quit. I'd been away so long that my regular Tuesday night Sh'Bam class has turned into a Zumba class temporarily. The Sh'Bam instructor has a hurt foot so can't teach for a bit. It's only the second time I've done Zumba, and while I clearly don't have Latin hips, I think I did okay :)
After Zumba I headed out to do some errands. I headed to Michael's (again!) to exchange some ribbon. I think I am finally done with that place. For this project, at least :) Then I mailed some packages, after obtaining some of their contents. How's that for a confusing sentence?!?!
I stopped at the library and picked up a book :)
And then I got home, around 8:30, and made myself a salad for supper. After I ate the salad, I showered, changed our bedding with Dave's help, and did some general tidying up (filling out forms (yuck) and putting things away) and blogging. And putting heat on my bruise.
Yes, remember when I mentioned I fell off a chair on Monday night? Well, I was trying to reach up on the ceiling and turn off our outside water tap when I lost my balance and fell backwards off the chair onto the basement floor. Which is cement, by the way. Thankfully I was okay but when I woke up yesterday morning the back of my left knee hurt. Dave checked it out for me and this bruise/scrape was the result of the chair trying to break my fall. Ouch.
So as I wrote this post, my comfort bag was tied to my knee in an effort to keep it from hurting so much. Plus I was really cold so the extra heat was welcome.

Between my bruised knee, my errand-y evening, not eating a proper lunch and not eating supper until close to 9pm, it was an exhausting day. Thankfully today will be a little slower.


  1. AHHHH!! You hang laundry outside when there is SNOW on the ground?!?! You are either some kind of pioneer lady person or just insane. Jury's still out. ;)

  2. While you do look quite fashionable in your laundry hanging attire, I must agree with Erika may be slightly insane for hanging laundry with snow on the ground! ;-) Also, I am now wanting to go to the gym and exercise and eat a salad so thanks for the healthier cravings after your last post left me craving potato chips with dip and Toffifee. ;-) And Little Natasha looks so cute at the water fountain! :-)

  3. The gym is just not a possibility for this season of life, even though we have a free one on campus! It is at-home workouts or nothing at all. I applaud you for going!

  4. 1. "bogs" = boots? I am assuming??
    2. I spend many days just wondering what on earth I did all day!!!
    3. I like that "70%" off sign I see at Michaels....may need to go there....WITHOUT Lincoln. One ornament= success!! :)
    4. I was pulling out my teaching books looking for Christmas books and found a kids' one you should get. (if you don't have it already....). It is by Patricia Polacco and called "The Trees of the Dancing Goats" and is about a family who celebrates both Christmas and Chanukah :)
    5. My mom in Illinois hung laundry out all year round too when I was growing up....we would pull it off frozen sometimes....probably why I never hang it out now....haha :)

  5. Ouch! Your knee looks like it really hurts! You look super adorable out hanging laundry. =) Good for you getting to the gym too.

  6. My gym workouts these days are sawing up firewood with a bow saw. Ha! Hope you get caught up on your rest honey! : )


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