Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Picture Of The Day -- Monday

 Decorating for Chanukah
Sam holding his very own homemade "Happy Chanukah" banner!


  1. Adorable! BTW, how do you get them to wear feet pajamas? My kiddos seem to always find reasons to take them off, but then are freezing later in the night.

  2. Look so cozy in their PJ's!

    The occupational therapist in me is super impressed by Sam's printing skills (I did a pediatric school health placement earlier this year and now every time I see printing I can't help myself but to analyze it!)

    1. I love cuddling my kids when they're wearing their fleece pjs. And I'm glad Sam's printing is measuring up! I have no measuring stick for how he's doing so I'm always super-impressed by it :)

  3. Lance has some blue PJs like that too...they have owls on them. : ) Happy Thanksgiving

  4. So cute! Great job on your banner, Sam! And I too love putting my kiddos in footy pajamas (although I have relinquished the task of finding them for Evan since it makes going to the bathroom a bit tricky). I broke out some of Evan's hand me down Christmas ones for Brody this week, and I just love snuggling him in them. Makes me feel like I got a little of my baby back although he won't let me snuggle much until the middle of the night when he comes to get into our bed. Sigh.


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