Wednesday, November 06, 2013

House Tour 2013: Step Into My Parlour Living Room

So I was talking with Janice a couple of days ago and I said something about our new couch and she commented that she didn't realize it had arrived. This reminded me that I wanted to show all of you our living room, now that we have a couch. And then, on Sunday, Dave hung some pictures and now we have an almost finished room to settle in to. Yay!
When we ordered our couch we were told it would take four to six weeks to arrive so we decided to wait to really set up the living room until it came. Thus, it looked like a really sad room with not a lot of seating and we didn't use it a lot.
But then a few weeks ago, our couch arrived and it really pulled things together.
Since the walls are plaster, it is a little complicated to hang pictures but Dave persevered on Sunday and got three hung. The papyrus above the couch is one I bought in Egypt. You can see our built-in corner shelves to the left of the picture. We are still trying to decide what to hang above the green chair. That wall needs something but we haven't quite figured out what yet.
I really love the little corner shelves. Right now they are holding some of our Judaica things as well as pictures, some nesting dolls I picked up in Russia and some smaller photo albums. There are more pictures and some fall gourds on the windowsill. I'm looking forward to doing some seasonal decorating of these spaces throughout the year.
The piano is against the opposite wall from the couch. And I love our wall sconces. We decided that with the sconces we really didn't need the big mirror hanging above the piano, like we did at our previous house so now we need to figure out where that mirror is going. We've debated about three places for it. The shelf next to the piano holds music books, photo albums and some more Judaica books -- mostly kids' books about various holidays!
And this is where you enter the living room from the front entry. The previous owner made the curtains and asked if we would use them. I love them so I said, "Yes!" I don't really like the colour of the living room (which is the same as the dining room, front entry and stairwell) and eventually would like to paint it a light green. I'm thinking a light sage colour would be beautiful. However, I don't have any painting energy left and it's not high on our list of priorities.
And right now there is also this beautiful bouquet of flowers in our living room because I was feeling sick on Saturday so Dave bought me these to cheer me up. It worked :)

I love sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket with a good book to read. It's as comfortable as I imagined! And we all love sitting on the couch together reading stories. I am looking forward to many years of excellent conversations and cozy reading times in this space.


  1. That room literally took my breath away in the best possible way. It is LOVELY. You did a great job with it and I LOVE it. AND I love the little built=in in the corner. AND I love it that you got flowers. Essentially - there's just a whole lotta love here. :)

  2. Still loving those built-in shelves!

  3. It looks so prety and homey!!! Addi is sitting with me and asked if the pictures were from a hotel and if we could go there. LOL! That's a pretty good compliment from her - she LOVES hotels.

  4. I love the character of your house!!

    1. Thanks! It's old but I also really love the character.

  5. Awe, I love how warm and cozy that room feels! That couch looks amazingly comfortable...nap time please! And I am still in love with the diamond pattern on the just says "charming cottage" to me. All of the little touches you've added just feel so warm and inviting. And I especially love how thoughtful your husband is and always brings you flowers at just the right times!


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