Monday, November 18, 2013

Week In The Life -- Sunday

So after last week's break I am back and I am going to continue blogging my week. Yesterday I woke up and between Dave and I we got everyone fed, dressed and ready for church. I skipped showering because we just didn't have enough time. Sometimes that happens. sigh.
Sam and Rachel were pretending Dave's guitar was a horse. Ha ha ha! We got to church in plenty of time (9:20) for Dave to play guitar for the children's assembly and for me to tell the Bible story. I am rarely in assembly and was cracking up at Miss Rachel dancing away to all the Sunday School songs, shaking her hips and everything :) Then I assisted in Sam's class afterwards. Dave and I share one assistant position and have to assist about one out of every three times.

We normally don't skip church but since we took advantage of the beautiful weather on Saturday to trim part of our cedar hedge (a blog post on that coming in a few weeks), we had a ton of errands to do yesterday so we decided to skip the service to do them. First on the list was going to find some Channukah candles. A reputable source told us we could find them at Bed, Bath and Beyond.
Here is Sam in front of the one end cap of Channukah stuff. At least we found it.
Sam really wanted us to buy him this tie and we were going to until we discovered it was a decoration for a wine bottle. Ummm... we didn't get it and Sam had to make do with a gel menorah for his window. Then we went to Cora's for lunch.
There was hardly any line up and both kids ate really well. We love Cora's. I especially loved my omelette. It was delicious! Then it was off to Zehr's for groceries. Did I mention it was an errand-y day?!?!
Zehrs was celebrating their new points program so we got cake as we walked in the door and there were people handing out samples EVERYWHERE! Rachel got Rice Krispie Square all over everything but had mostly eaten it all by the time we got to our car. I LOVE Zehrs decadent chocolate chip cookies but the pop was disgusting. Dave said he wished he could have gotten a picture of the look on my face when I sampled it. I refused to take a second sip so he could recreate the moment. It was AWFUL! Then we found all the chip flavours -- note all the "Canadian" ones like Maple Bacon, Canadian Hamburger and Poutine!

After Zehrs we headed off to Costco and, as we were getting out of the car, I could not find my wallet. Panic ensued. We bought our Costco items quickly and headed back to Zehrs. I looked around where we had been parked and then headed to the customer service desk. I asked if a wallet had been turned in. They took my name and called some other office. After waiting for what felt like forever, but was probably only a couple of minutes, a woman came walking towards me with my wallet in her hand. I almost cried with relief. I am holding onto my wallet so tightly in this picture I think my knuckles are white. If the nice person who turned in my wallet reads this blog, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You are awesome!
Then we headed to Michaels so I could buy some supplies to try and make a Channukah banner. Stay tuned for how that turns out.
I got Rachel down for her "nap" during which I don't think she slept at all, and then, while Dave put away groceries, I turned our empty, sad, window boxes into greenery filled beauty. My original plan was to string white lights through out the greenery but it turns out that the outside plug is highly inconvenient. I will add ornaments eventually but we were under a strong wind warning last night so I decided to wait on those. And the greenery all came from our epic hedge trim.
After I was done the greenery, I spent about an hour catching up on blogs and eating a snack. After that I had a (too short!) nap on the couch and then I heated up leftovers for supper. It was non-inspiring. Especially since I dreamed I had already made supper and then woke up to find it wasn't true. However, after supper I ate three Toffifee, which was a significant improvement from the NINE I ate on Saturday night.
After supper I remembered that the Football Game Of The Century was on -- my beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders were playing the dreaded team from Calgary for the chance to play in the Grey Cup which is being held in Saskatchewan next week. I couldn't find live streaming on the computer but then I found it a radio network which I could stream it from. Sometimes I really wish we had a TV, but only for major sporting events. Ha!
The next hour and a bit consisted of me folding laundry, listening to the game, trying to Facetime with my parents, and explaining to Sam what a "time out" in football was. Oh, and freaking out Rachel with my insane cheering. Saskatchewan kicked some major butt in this game and I was pretty much a lunatic. Next week I will be even worse.
Then I put Rachel to bed, read some more blogs, did some general tidying up, wrote this blog post and went to bed. And that was my Sunday.


  1. I loved reading about your day. Jason and I both giggled at the Canadian inspired potato chips. We both also liked that you ate lunch and shopped at places that we have never heard of. =) (One of the many reasons that I love reading blogs, especially yours!!!) I can only imagine how adorable Rachel was dancing at church. In Okie speak, she would be so stinkin' cute! lol. Maybe she has dance classes in her near future?

  2. I hear you on having TV for sports--that is the only thing that makes me want cable! I always enjoy reading your "day in the life" posts. I had no idea it was so time-consuming to write everything until I tried it! I don't know if I could keep it up for a whole week. :P

  3. I also love this day in the life post because it was another reminder of how similar our lives are sometimes. We also usually end up spending either our Saturday or Sunday (it was Sunday this weekend as we had a birthday party on Saturday) eating lunch and shopping/running errands. And while the places you shop and eat aren't always familiar names to me, they seem like the kind of places we shop. Yesterday, our shopping was at the mall for some clothing deals that were much needed and at Target for groceries (we've started trying to do the majority of our shopping at a Super Target in our area for that one stop shopping experience with Target's rewards card deals and savings). Also, I felt your anxiety over losing your wallet as I also panic when I can't find my purse/wallet. I am a habitual "leave my purse on the back of a chair at a restaurant" or other public place. I want to try those decadent chocolate chip cookies and some of those "Canadian" chip flavors too. Ya'll have some really yummy foods I need to try! Can you tell it is lunch time and I am hungry? ;-)

  4. You might be a blogger're taking pictures of stuff in the grocery it!

  5. I tend to buy my Hanukkah candles at Target each year. They're the only place around us that really seems to have them around here. Although it took me a while to find them, and I used to have my mom mail me some every year. One of the favorites she sent me were glittery and had little pictures on each one. I've yet to find them at Target, (but have seen them online) but if I ever do, I'm definitely buying them!


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