Friday, November 22, 2013

Week In The Life -- Thursday

Yesterday morning began with Sam bounding into our room at 7:37am announcing, "I'm going to school today and can I still have a popsicle for breakfast?" We decided to indulge him since he seemed his normal self and then Rachel, not wanting to be left out, demanded one too. And there was where we made our fatal parenting flaw. The combination of two popsicles and a healthy Sam led to much excitement and non-listening from the kids and much threatening and yelling from us. It was not our finest parenting morning, shall we say??? I made every bad parenting mistake I hate to do including making unrealistic threats and offering to sell our kids (to a friend who had spent the night and has now decided to never have kids - ha!), not to mention the yelling. It was not one of our better mornings.

Eventually I got the kids out the door and into the car and drove Sam to school. I dropped him off and then rushed Rachel to preschool. I spent some time picking out a book for Rachel's teachers to give her as a gift and doing some treasurer stuff. Then I hit the Tim Horton's drive-thru and headed home with my large coffee-hot chocolate.
I made myself a bagel and decided to listen to my blog friend, Bekah's morning show which I streamed online. (Hi Bekah!). While I thought about the last time I cried "tears of joy" (one of the topics of the show), I cleaned the bathroom and Rachel's room. Whoo hoo!!! (I don't often spend my "free mornings" cleaning but it's getting to be desperate times around here with regards to the cleanliness of our house.)
I also took my first, and likely last, mirror selfie to show off my awesome cleaning look. Then I ran an errand for the preschool and picked up Rachel. We came home and I found her "Jolly Phonics" songs, which she has been learning in preschool and wanting us to sing at home, on Youtube. Yay! Rachel was quite thrilled to hear her "preschool songs!!!" at home and was mesmerized for quite awhile.
While she ate lunch, I folded some laundry (it's never-ending around here) and cleaned our bedroom. I was a cleaning machine yesterday. Then I put Rachel down for nap, after she spent some time on the potty. I'm halfheartedly attempting to train her and will likely make a concerted effort to get it done in the next month or so. Wish us luck!
Rachel insisted on lying on her "bed" on her rug, and miracle of miracles, she actually fell asleep there. She is an odd duck. While she was napping, I took our yard waste out to the curb, including bundling all the sticks from our cedar hedge trim last week, cleaned the dining room and talked with Janice for quite awhile.
Then I woke up Rachel and we picked up Sam from school. I decided to get a picture of the broken toilet we pass Every. Single. Day. on our way to and from school. It's been there for about a month and a half. Every time Rachel yells, "Toilet!!!" as if it's the most exciting thing ever. She does this four times a day without fail.
As I was walking by a neighbour's house, I noticed they had a HUGE box on their front lawn. On the way home from school, there was a workman outside the house and I asked what was happening to the box. He said he was going to cut it up for recycling. We brought it home instead. You guys, this box is HUGE. It is from a bathtub.
We got home and Sam and Rachel played iPad while I jumped in the shower. Then Sam and Rachel each had another popsicle while I sorted through the weekly flyers looking for good deals. And drank a Coke.
Dave got home and we headed straight off to LOGOS, our church's mid-week program. Dave sets the tables for dinner while I am a table parent (an adult who eats supper with the kids) for the Grade 7s and 8s. Rachel sits with me. Sam and Rachel also get to hang out with all their friends in the nursery. Today I sat with the grade 8s, we had taco salad (yum yum), and we played table sports. It was a lot of fun. Then I talked with people while Sam and Rachel played (and Rachel somehow ended up with green marker all over her face!), and Dave ran some errands.
We came home and Dave and I dragged the box inside. I'd only been able to get it into the garage by myself earlier. Sam, Rachel and I all played in the box for a few minutes. I have to confess, I am claustrophobic and this box is so big, Sam, Rachel and I could be in it with the lid closed and it was roomy.
I put the kids to bed while Dave headed out to play Rock Band with some of his workmates. I was going to catch up on reading blogs but I decided to check out Sam's backpack. I found out he wore "indoor shoes" outside and they were completely muddy. So I spent my blog reading time, scraping mud off his shoes instead. sigh.
So that was my Thursday. It involved a lot less sickness and a lot more cleaning and more enormous boxes than Wednesday.


  1. Whoa!!! That box is super awesome. Great call on bringing it home!! hot chocolate sounds delicious!

  2. Giant boxes were my favorite things when I was a kid--I bet y'all will have many happy hours in there!

  3. I love the big box!!! Thursday morning was not a good morning for our little family either. Ugh! My kiddos are all out of school next week and we have no activities, so I'm hoping to have a good week of potty training Karsyn. She's excited about it.

  4. I now have box-envy...I'm going to keep my eye out for big boxes this weekend. : ) You all are so fun!

  5. Even I'm jealous of that box! Looks so fun!

    I spent a night at my cousins house this week - she is currently trying to potty train her two year old. As a result I'm likely never having kids either ;) ha!

    1. It really has been a lot of fun :) You should go find one...

      And yeah, some stages of having kids are definitely more fun than others.


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