Friday, November 01, 2013

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night...

...literally. Hallowe'en 2013 in this part of the world happened during a huge rainstorm. Thankfully, Dave's work invites their employees' kids to come and trick or treat throughout the office on Hallowe'en afternoon. We spent an hour there and then went to about five houses last night. It was awful weather and I'm so glad the majority of our trick or treating was done indoors.
I decided to get all festive to supplement our McDonald's supper so each of us got a orange pepper jack-o-lantern. This was a Pinterest find but I decided we should eat ours rather than light them :) The idea for the ghosts below came from a Facebook friend. Sam and Rachel enjoyed making their ghosts scare Dave and I.
Then I attempted the near impossible task of getting two excited kids to pose for a picture in their costumes. That was pretty much a losing battle so I took what I could get! I was excited to have sturdy bags (with their names on them no less) for the kids to collect their candy in.
Rachel learned how to say "trick or treat" and it was pretty sweet. Sam nicely (and loudly!) said "Trick or Treat" and "thank you" to everyone who gave him candy. Hopefully next year will be better weather and we can enjoy our outdoor trick or treating experience a little more. How was Hallowe'en in your part of the world?


  1. We had storms roll through in the morning, but we were good by prime trick-or-treating time. I sounds like ya'll had a great time inspite of the weather. I love your kids' costumes. They look way too cute! How'd Rachel do with her tutu? My girls always think they are itchy and don't want to wear them for too long. I love your cute food ideas. How festive!

  2. Awe, sorry it was rainy in your area, but it does look like you managed to have plenty of fun! I love the way you made a quick Halloween dinner at McDonald's a little healthier with a bell pepper pumpkin and banana ghosts. Both Sam and Rachel looked so cute in their costumes. We fared pretty well here with decent weather although I did feel a couple of raindrops while we were out. Brody was really into trick or treating this year. I tried to get him to say it, but he was content to wave furiously and say "hi" and "bye bye" at every house and to dig happily in the candy baskets and fill his little pumpkin bucket. Now, we must decide what to do with all that candy. Ha!

  3. First, I think they both look adorable in their costumes! As for our Halloween it was rainy as well, and we ended up without a single trick-or-treat-er. Although we don't normally get a ton, but with the rain there weren't a lot of people out there.

    And I love the bell pepper idea! That's the first I've seen it, but I'm definitely going to need to remember it.


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